May 7, 2009

Amazon Has Now Released the Latest Version of It's Wireless eBook Reader: Kindle DX

Amazon has now released Kindle DX, a larger, more versatile veriion of its wireless Kindle ebook device. The new DX version has a larger display and a screen which rotates from portrait to landscape to view Web pages and spreadsheets, etc.

Kindle DX and other wireless ebook reading devices certainly do not portend the end of the tradional book as we know it; they are simply useful, but additional, methods of conveying information to readers.

Here are some of the features of the Kindle DX as listed by Amazon:

Slim: Just over 1/3 of an inch, as thin as most magazines

Carry Your Library: Holds up to 3,500 books, periodicals, and documents

Beautiful Large Display: 9.7" diagonal e-ink screen reads like real paper; boasts 16 shades of gray for clear text and sharp images

Auto-Rotating Screen: Display auto-rotates from portrait to landscape as you turn the device so you can view full-width maps, graphs, tables, and Web pages

Built-In PDF Reader: Native PDF support allows you to carry and read all of your personal and professional documents on the go

Wireless: 3G wireless lets you download books right from your Kindle DX, anytime, anywhere; no monthly fees, no annual contracts, and no hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots

Books In Under 60 Seconds: You get free wireless delivery of books in less than 60 seconds; no PC required

Long Battery Life: Read for days without recharging

Read-to-Me: With the text-to-speech feature, Kindle DX can read newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books out loud to you, unless the book's rights holder made the feature unavailable

Big Selection, Low Prices: Over 275,000 books; New York Times Best Sellers and New Releases are only $9.99, unless marked otherwise

More Than Books: U.S. and international newspapers including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, magazines including The New Yorker and Time, plus popular blogs, all auto-delivered wirelessly

I cannot leave this posting without also referring you tl Lance Ulanoff's review "Amazon's Kindle DX, Cool but Lacks Surprises". Lance attended Amazon's coming out party for the Kindle DX at Pace University on May 6.

February 11, 2009

In Celebration of Abraham Lincoln


Tomorrow is Lincoln's birthday; it is also the 200th anniversary of his birth, all of which calls for a special celebration of the life, works, and thought of such an inspiring individual. Our current President has said that he has found the thoughts and deeds of Abraham Lincoln to be a source of great inspiration. I too have been inspired by Lincoln's words, his principles, his focus on justice, his focus on equality, and his strong belief in our nation and our constitutional democracy; but as a law librarian working in a court setting I will focus primarily on books about Lincoln and leave the other topics to historians and others.

Before leaving this section however, I want to commend the American Bar Association (ABA) for its efforts to help make this a banner year for the Lincoln Bicentennial. They have been working with many other organizations, including the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), to incorporate a celebration of the legacy of Lincoln in various events nationwide throughout the year. In addition they have prepared a comprehensive planning guide, "A Legacy of Liberty: Celebrating Lincoln's Bicentennial", which is being distributed widely. The ABA has also devoted a significant part of the February 2009 issue of its journal, The ABA Journal to features about Abraham Lincoln including his practice of law and discussions of what that practice has in common with that of lawyers today.

Now back to the books. The list below is divided into two sections. The first section consists of a few books about Lincoln recommended by William Safire in his New York Times Book Review article,"Lincoln Monuments". (February 8, 2009). The second list is of books devoted to Lincoln the lawyer. This list is based on books retreved through what we call bibliographic searching for materials about Lincoln as a lawyer. The listings will be brief and some abbreviated:


McPherson, James M. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. (Oxford University).

White, Ronald C. Jr. A. LINCOLN: A Biography. Random House.

Burlingame, Michael. ABRAHAM LINCOLN: A Life. (Johns Hopkins University), 2 vols. 2000 pages.

Holzer, Harold and Joshua Wolf Shenk Eds. IN LINCOLN'S HAND: His Original Manuscripts With Commentary by Distinguished Americans, Bantam.

Holzer, Harold. THE LINCOLN ANTHOLOGY: Great writers on His Life and Legacy From 1860 to Now. (Library of America).

LINCOLN THE LAWYER: (These are listed in Books in Print format).

Lincoln the Lawyer

Author: Dirck, Brian Publisher: University of Illinois Press ISBN or UPC: 0-252-07614-1 (Active Record)
Format: Trade Paper Date: Dec 2008 Price: $19.95 Market: United States
Availability: Readily Available
ISBN 13: 978-0-252-07614-5

Lincoln, Lee, Grant, and Other Biographical Addresses

Author: Speer, Emory Publisher: Read Books ISBN or UPC: 1-4086-8446-2 (Active Record)
Format: Trade Paper Date: Jul 2008 Price: $29.45 Market: United States
Availability: Available for Order
ISBN 13: 978-1-4086-8446-7

The Papers of Abraham Lincoln: Legal Documents and Cases, Set

Author: Lincoln, Abraham et al. Publisher: University Press of Virginia ISBN or UPC: 0-8139-2606-8 (Active Record)
Format: Trade Cloth Date: Nov 2007 Price: $300.00 Market: United States
Availability: Readily Available
LC Class #: KF213.L53S76 2007 Dewey#: 973.7092 B ISBN 13: 978-0-8139-2606-3

Lincoln the Lawyer

Author: Dirck, Brian R. Publisher: University of Illinois Press ISBN or UPC: 0-252-03181-4 (Active Record)
Format: Trade Cloth Date: Mar 2007 Price: $29.95 Market: United States
Availability: Available for Order
LC Class #: E457.2.D575 2007 Dewey#: 973.7092 B ISBN 13: 978-0-252-03181-6

An Honest Calling: The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln

Author: Steiner, Mark E. Publisher: Northern Illinois University Press ISBN or UPC: 0-87580-358-X (Active Record)
Format: Trade Cloth Date: Aug 2006 Price: $42.00 Market: United States
Availability: Available for Order
LC Class #: E457.2.S8 2006 Dewey#: 340.092 B ISBN 13: 978-0-87580-358-6

Courage and Country: James Shields

Author: Callan, J. Sean Publisher: Authorhouse ISBN or UPC: 1-4107-8895-4 (On Demand)
Format: Trade Paper Date: Jan 2004 Price: $24.95 Market: United States
Availability: Available for Order
LC Class #: E403.1.S5C35 2004 Dewey#: 973/.049162/0092 B ISBN 13: 978-1-4107-8895-5

Lincoln, the Constitutional Lawyer [1932]

Author: Zane, John Maxcy Publisher: Lawbook Exchange, Limited, The ISBN or UPC: 1-58477-257-3 (Active Record)
Format: Trade Cloth Date: Mar 2003 Price: $80.00 Market: United States
Availability: Available for Order
LC Class #: KF368.L52Z36 2002 Dewey#: 973.7/092 B ISBN 13: 978-1-58477-257-6

Life on the Circuit with Lincoln: With Sketches of Generals Grant, Sherman and McClellan, Judge Davis, Leonard Swett and Other Contemporaries, 1892

Author: Whitney, Henry Clay Publisher: Lawbook Exchange, Limited, The ISBN or UPC: 1-58477-115-1 (Active Record)
Format: Trade Cloth Date: Jan 2001 Price: $110.00 Market: United States
Availability: Available for Order
LC Class #: KF368.L52W48 2001 Dewey#: 973.7/092 B ISBN 13: 978-1-58477-115-9

Lincoln for the Defense: The Only Known Transcript of an Abraham Lincoln Criminal Jury Trial

Author: Plaetzer, Ross F. Publisher: High House Press, Incorporated ISBN or UPC: 0-9641176-0-6 (Active Record)
Format: Trade Paper Date: Sep 1994 Price: $15.95 Market: United States
ISBN 13: 978-0-9641176-0-0

Lincoln the Lawyer

Author: Hill, Frederick Trevor Publisher: William S. Hein & Company, Incorporated ISBN or UPC: 0-8377-0711-0 (Active Record)
Format: Trade Cloth Date: 1986 Price: $45.00 Market: United States
LC Class #: KF368.L52H55 1986 Dewey#: 349.73/092/4 B ISBN 13: 978-0-8377-0711-2

Lawyers Before the Warren Court: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights, 1957-66

Author: Casper, Jonathan D. Publisher: University of Illinois Press ISBN or UPC: 0-252-00244-X (Out of Print)
Format: Trade Cloth Date: Jun 1972 Price: $24.95 Market: United States
Availability: Hard to Find
LC Class #: KF298.C27 Dewey#: 342/.73/0850269 ISBN 13: 978-0-252-00244-1

Abraham Lincoln, the Lawyer-Statesman

Author: Richards, John Thomas Publisher: Library Reprints, Inc. ISBN or UPC: 0-7222-8804-2 (Active Record)
Format: Trade Cloth Date: Not Supplied Price: $98.00 Market: United States
ISBN 13: 978-0-7222-8804-7


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February 8, 2008

CLLB Information Security Newsletter February 2008

While reviewing responses to readers of this blawg, I noticed that many seem interested in postings related to information security. Therefore, as an experiment beginning with this posting I plan to include an occasional newsletter covering topics and issues related to information security.

As an added activity I serve on an Information Security Committee at my orgaization. This experience has certainly increased my awareness of the importance of information security issues to all of us, including law librarians. Let's see how this works. Comments are welcome.

David Badertscher

February 2008

Volume 1, Issue 1

Securing a Wireless Network

From the Desk of David Badertscher

Is a Wireless Network Secure?

Wireless networks are not as secure as the traditional “wired” networks, but you can minimize the risk on your wireless network (at home or at work) by following the tips below.

How Does it Work?

The standard set up for a wireless network requires two components: a Wireless Access Point (WAP) and a computer with a wireless network adaptor. Properly configuring a wireless device can be challenging and the steps will vary depending on the manufacturer. If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, be sure that whomever is configuring the wireless network follows these best practices.

Wireless Access Point (WAP)

The WAP connects to your high speed Internet connection or your internal network. This is the foundation for building a wireless network. It provides the ability to use a computer without being constrained by the distance of a wire. Keep in mind that metal filing cabinets as well as certain building materials, such as bricks and blocks, can interfere or limit the range. The distance between your wireless computer and the wireless access point. Generally, the indoor range for a WAP is approximately 125 feet.

Wireless Network Adaptor

A wireless network adaptor, used for transmitting and receiving information, is required for each computer you intend to connect to a WAP. When purchasing wireless networking hardware from separate vendors, be sure to obtain guarantees that the hardware will conform to defined standards and interoperate properly. The wireless network adaptor is usually built into laptop computers while it is an add-on component inserted into a USB port on desktop computers.

Enable Encryption

Every wireless network should enable encryption. Encryption scrambles the data in a way that if your signal is intercepted there is reduced risk of someone being able to eavesdrop or monitor your communications. There are several standards of encryption common to most WAPs. Wired Equivalency Privacy (WEP) is the older standard. WEP has a number of known security flaws and should only be used if no other method of encryption is available. Be sure to set the WEP authentication method to ”shared key” instead of “open system.” Under “open system” the initial sign-on is encrypted but the data is not. Newer wireless access points include Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2). WPA2 is the stronger and the preferred method of encryption.

Change the Default Password

Change the default password that comes with your WAP. The default passwords used by manufacturers are well known to the hacking community. Be sure to use a strong password, at least eight characters including numbers and special characters.

Change SSID Name

The Service Set Identifier (SSID) is the name of your wireless network. Default SSIDs are well known, often the name of the manufacturer and easy to guess. Change the SSID name to something unique and be careful not to use a name that freely discloses information. For example, avoid using your family name. Avoid descriptive or functional names as well, such as “Payroll” or “Accounting” since this would advertise an attractive target for an attacker.

Turn Off SSID Broadcasting

By turning off SSID Broadcasting, your wireless access point does not advertise its presence. It is similar to having an unlisted telephone number. This is a way to reduce the visibility of your network to others in your neighborhood. The only way to connect to a WAP with SSID Broadcasting turned off is to know the SSID name and password.

Use MAC Filtering on Your WAP

The MAC (Media Access Control) address is the unique ID assigned to your computer’s network interface card. It is referred to as the computer’s “physical address.” Enabling MAC filtering on your WAP allows you to designate and restrict which computers can connect to your WAP. If the computer’s address is not listed, a wireless connection cannot be made to the WAP. To look up a MAC address on a Windows computer, go to “Start” then “Run” and type “cmd”. A new window will open and you will need to type ipconfig /all and press the enter key. A number of attributes will be displayed. The MAC address is identified as the “Physical Address.”

RF Interference Assuming your WAP point functions in the 2.4 GHz range, you may experience Radio Frequency (RF) interference from other 2.4 GHz devices, such as cordless phones, microwaves and baby monitoring devices. These devices can limit wireless performance. To manage the problem, limit sources of RF interference in proximity to the WAP.

Additional resources for wireless networks can be found at:
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Bush wants a security clearance reform plan by April 30
The memo's language reflects concerns that longstanding security
clearance practices are preventing employees and contractors from
beginning work. (fcw)

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