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Nine new documents  as reported  by the House Committee on Small Business on September  26, 2023

H.R. 5426, a bill to require the Administrator of the Small Business Administration to provide a link to resources for submitting reports on suspected fraud relating to certain COVID-19 loans

As reported by the House Committee on Small Business on September 2

Posted by Phil Swagel on September 29, 2023.

Because of CBO’s role in supporting the Congress in its constitutional function, the agency has been instructed by the House and Senate Budget Committees that if appropriated funds lapse and normal operations of the federal government are suspended, all CBO staff will be considered “excepted employees” and will continue working through at least October 10. In the context of a government shutdown, “excepted employees” are required to work even in the absence of an appropriation. If there is a government shutdown and it continues beyond October 10, the status of CBO’s staff will depend on the needs of the Congress.

Phillip L. Swagel is CBO’s Director

As ordered reported by the House Committee on Veterans Affairs on July 26, 2023.


H.R. 4278 would make several changes to disciplinary policies for employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Aa Presented by Richard DeKaser, Congressional Budget Office Director of Macroeconomic Analysis, to Economic and Financial Counselors from the European Union on September 14, 2023.


Forecast for 2023 to 2025:

A Report issued by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO):

“In CBO’s latest projections, economic growth slows and then picks up over the 2023–2025 period. That initial slowdown in economic growth drives up unemployment. Inflation continues to gradually decline.”


New from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

Cost Estimate, August 23. 2023

As ordered reported by the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, July 30, 2023

H.R. 3874, Veterans Education Assistance Improvement Act

As ordered reported  by the House Committee on Veterans Affairs on July 26 2023.

H.R. 3874 would make changes to education benefit programs administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The costs of those programs are paid from mandatory appropriations. Enacting the bill would decrease net direct spending by $5 million over the 2023-2033 period, CBO estimates.

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