Two Twitter Stories

Stories about popular, exciting topics, often appear almost together , sometimes on the same day. On March 13 two stories published in the InformationWeek Daily Newsletter caught our attention and we wanted to pass them on to our readers:

In “The Intruder Story: Man At His Best”, Michael Hickins writes:

“As far as I’m concerned, David Prager is a hero. I would love to meet the man with enough sangfroid (that’s French for cojones) to Tweet and to even set up a Ustream of the event, all while reflecting on the relative degree of danger in which he found himself.”

The second story, “Twitter’s Future Looks More Social that Commercial,” by Thomas Claburn is more of a discussion about the direction Twitter developments eeem to be taking and how this relates to the evolution of Facebook and other social networks. Discussing information in a recent industry report about social networks, he writes:

” ‘Twitter sent nearly one in five downstream visits to Social Networks and one in five to Entertainment Web sites in February,’ said Hitwise’s Heather Hopkins in a blog post. ‘The top Social Networks visited after Twitter were, not surprisingly, Facebook and MySpace, followed by the Twitter Search page and YouTube.'” Claburn also observes that “when Twitter grows up, its not clear what it will be.”

We think Twotter fans, and even those with only a passing interest, will find these articles informatiove and perhaps enertaining. Click on the titles to reach the entire articles.

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