Legal Division Quarterly: The Winter/Spring 2009 Issue

The Legal Division Quarterly is the Newsletter of the Legal Division of the Special Libraries Association:

The 2009 Winter/Spring issue of the Legal Division Quarterly is now online at:

In this issue:

Get Your Intranet Engines Started David Whelan
Editor’s Notes Liz Smith
From the Board Room Martha Foote
Seminar Review: Sylvia James–Researching Private Equity Anthony McGrath
Legal Bytes: Time Recording for Librarians Devin GawneMark
SLA Legal Division Programs 2009: Shaping YOUR Future Cindy Carlson
Legal Division’s 2009 Travel Grants Marilyn Bromley
Membership Update Geri Heberlie
Legal Division Archives Needs You(r stuff)
Anne Abate, Ph.D.

Free Case Law Websites and the Private Law Firm Library Tracy Z. Maleef
Water Cooler–Whiteboards Rock!
Constance Ard
International Corner–Letter From Australia
Miz Brmbota

Correction–Conference Review “Ethical Competitive Intelligence”
Katherine K. Coolidge
SLA Adds New Dues Tier for Info Pros Making Less than $18K
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