Survey: Recent Changes in Bindery Policies and Procedures in Academic Libraries

Courtney Selby, the Collection Development/Instructional Services Librarian at the Mabee Legal information Center, University of Tulsa has summarized the results of her recent survey:

Last week I sent out a 4 question survey about recent changes in bindery policies and procedures in academic libraries. I received 16 replies (thanks so much!) and wanted to summarize them here. There were a few key similarities that I did want to point out. It looks like budgetary considerations are the primary motivators in most respondents’ review of bindery policies. Some folks did note that space considerations factored into their decisions, and those librarians often indicated that they also chose to discard unbound volumes after 2 to 3 years. Most respondents indicated that they had ceased binding journal titles available in HeinOnline, though most also continued to bind journals and bar materials from their home states. All respondents that mentioned CLE’s noted that they will continue to bind them.

· (budget reasons) stopped all binding except for exceptional cases, such as important books or books that are falling apart
· (budget reasons) stopped binding all journals available via HeinOnline except for top 20 schools and home school publications– ceased binding patent bar publications
· (budget reasons) continue binding only publications from within the state, including academic, government and bar (CLE’s)

· No changes yet, but considering changes for budgetary reasons–will continue binding law journals and gov. docs, but will discontinue binding monograph paperbacks
· (budget reasons) stopped all binding except for state law journals, paperback materials that get heavy use, and other items on an as-needed basis
· (space considerations and the shift of patron use from paper to electronic resources–also some budget reasons) binding only one copy of any periodic material-including main library copies-if main library binds, law doesn’t. discontinued binding monographs and paperback annual volumes. Still consider bindery for any paperback material not purchased for current awareness alone.

· (space considerations) stopped binding all law journals available on HeinOnline. Once volumes are added to HeinOnline, print is discarded. exceptions include home university publications and all other in-state school journals. still bind CLE’s and other heavily used items, plus journals not on Heinonline. current interest items are not bound and anything older than the current volume is discarded.

· (efficiency considerations) journals on HeinOnline are not bound. Paper copies of journals are kept until they appear in HeinOnline, then they are discarded. Binding of other materials is done on a case-by case basis based on use and value of materials. Items in transfer binders are bound if library still has current subscription to the title.

· (budget reasons) stopped binding almost all academic journals. Unbound issues are kept for 2 years and then discarded. Older issues (those already bound) are currently being discarded as well. Major journals in areas where there is intensive curriculum focus are still bound. No newsletters or other current events sources are bound.

· (budget reasons) Binding only in-state publications, both academic and bar (CLE’s). The only government publication currently bound is the Federal Register. Heavy-use items or worn items are bound on an as-needed basis.

· No real changes made, still binding periodicals, newsletters, state materials, damaged items, etc.

· (budget reasons) Many cancellations contributed to reduced binding costs, the rest of the bindery decisions are based on frequency of use of material. Binding of newsletters has ceased.

· (space considerations) stopped binding all journals available on HeinOnline except primary law reviews for top 50 law schools. Print issues are kept until they appear in HeinOnline, then they are discarded. Gov. documents bound include Federal Register, Congressional Record and Serial Set.

· (budget reasons) Still bind home university law journals and anything difficult to shelve or preserve without binding. Other items (high priority, damaged) are bound on a case by case basis. Also changed status of unbound law reviews so that individual issues can now circulate like monographs.

· No changes yet, but considering stopping bindery of law journals in the near future. The only items currently sent to bindery are law journals-no government documents or other items are bound.

· (no stated reason) stopped binding U.S. law journals available via HeinOnline. Unbound issues will be kept for 3 years.

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