Sarah Palin: Governor of Alaska and Senator McCain’s Choice for Vice President

This is not a political blog and we do not endorse people for office; but we do try to provide information in an impartial manner of interest to our readers. The following is a compilation of links from various sources throughout the web we have been able to identify quickly and links to documents we have obtained through subscriptions to and others. We are grateful to all for making this information accessible.

In compiling this small selection of items we have deliberately rejected sources that might sensationalize the issues surrounding Sarah Palin. That is not our purpose. Instead, we want to provide information that will help everyone to rationally to work through the issues in their own way during this election season.

Official Biography of Governor Palin

2007 State-of-the-State Address of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Official Home Page of the Governor of Alaska

Alaska Ethics Reform Act, Signed 2007

Sarah Palin on the issues.

2006 New York Times Profile of Sarah Palin

Wikipedia on Sarah Palin

Blog: Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President

We realize that we omitted many excellent sources many but maybe this will be a beginning for those who are interested.

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