New Publications from Thomson West – Criminal Law and Procedure

May 2008
Product Media List Price
Gillespie Michigan Criminal Law and Procedure: Search and Seizure, 2008 ed. – NEW
Analyzes Michigan search and seizure law in light of the Fourth Amendment. $132.00
Gillespie Michigan Criminal Law and Procedure with Forms: Practice Deskbook, 2008 ed. – NEW
Quickly locate pertinent Michigan criminal law, including statutes, and court rules. $258.00
Baldwin’s Ohio Practice, Ohio Criminal Laws and Rules, 2008 ed. (Baldwin’s Ohio Practice) – NEW
This compilation provides a comprehensive criminal law reference for use in court, office, classroom, or police cruiser. $159.00
Iowa Criminal Law and Rules, 2008 ed. – NEW
This product contains text of relevant code provisions and state court rules pertaining to criminal acts, procedure, and corrections. $104.00
Courtroom Handbook on Federal Evidence, 2008 ed. – NEW
Handbook gives you correct answers to your evidentiary questions the first time and every time. $107.00
Florida Evidence, 2008 ed. (Vol. 1, Florida Practice Series) – NEW
This title provides an inclusive evidence manual for use in Florida courts. $188.00
Criminal Law: Statutory Charges, 2008 ed. (Baldwin’s Ohio Practice) – NEW
Get the statutory language you need for Ohio criminal cases in one portable reference. $96.00
Federal Postconviction Remedies and Relief Handbook, 2008 ed. – NEW
Provides an extensive review of federal statutory postconviction remedies. $143.00
New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice and Motor Vehicle Laws with Related Statutes and Court Rules, 2008 ed. – NEW
This title compiles New Jersey’s statutes and rules relating to criminal law in one take-along pamphlet. $98.00
Illinois Court Rules and Procedure, Vol. III-Rules of the Circuit Courts, 2008 ed. – NEW
This pamphlet contains all rules of the Rules for Cook County and the 1st through 21st Circuit Courts in Illinois. $114.00
West’s® Illinois Vehicle Code, 2008 ed. – NEW
A portable volume of Chapter 625, Illinois Compiled Statutes. $59.00

Massachusetts Criminal Law & Procedure, 2008 ed. – NEW
This work contains the complete, unannotated text of Criminal Laws in Massachusetts. $78.00
Illinois Criminal and Motor Vehicle Law, 2008 ed. – NEW
This work contains criminal and motor vehicle codes, as well as related practical laws relevant for law enforcement officers. $76.00
Ohio Arrest, Search and Seizure, 2008 ed. (Baldwin’s Ohio Handbook Series) – NEW
A thorough, practical guide to the law of search and seizure, interrogation and confession, and pretrial identification.

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