New York: Governor Paterson Defends Recognition of Gay Marriages Elsewhere

New York Governor David Paterson said yesterday May 29, 2008 that in the interests of firness and legal liability he is directing all state agencies to immediately recognize as valid same-sex-marriages solemized outside the State of New York. The Governor said that “if I didn’t take this action I would be open to monetary damages and I would be discriminating against individuals who are coming here from other jurisdictions who are allowed the right [to marry] …and are suddenly denied that right.”

Governor Paterson’s counsel David Nocenti prepared a memorandum dated May 14 in which he advised counsels of all state agencies in which he warned that agencies could be exposing themselves to legal liability if the Governor’s directive is not followed.

To see Mr. Nocenti’s May 14 memorandum click on the link below:

May 14 Memorandum on Same-Sex Marriage

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