List of 2008 New York Chapter Laws Containing the Word Criminal

As of September 16, 2008.

Search run on New York State Legislative Retrieval System (LRS), September 17, 2008.

Chapter Bill No.
155 A564A Wright — Relates to enhancing police officer recruitment and increasing diversity awareness

69 A614 Paulin (MS) — Establishes intentionally preventing a person from communicating certain requests for emergency assistance shall be criminal mischief in the 4th degree
401 A7197 Lavine — Permits waiver of indictment for class A felonies which are not punishable by death or life imprisonment

404 A8358B Bradley — Relates to the legal powers of custodians and guardians of children
7 A8582A Alessi (MS) — Relates to the prevailing wage paid by individuals who are awarded public works contracts
406 A8634D Pheffer (MS) — Provides consumers who are victims of domestic violence with a free security freeze report upon request

16 A9340A Aubry — Makes a technical amendment relating to the probation detainer warrant pilot program
179 A9391A A bbate — Relates to dispute resolution during collective bargaining with a public employer and detective-investigators, criminal investigators or rackets investigators

18 A9998 Pretlow (MS) — Relates to racing corporations and associations; simulcasting and imposition of certain taxes

37 A10418 Rules — Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state fiscal plan for the 2008-2009 state fiscal year

524 A11137A Farrell — Makes certain technical changes for the purpose of bringing certain provisions of law into compliance with the government accounting standards board; repealer
346 A11418 Rules (Abbate) — Permits counties to appoint part-time officers to full-time status despite age restrictions where the civil service list is exhausted

296 A11500A Rules (Nolan) — Provides for the automatic revocation of a teaching certificate held by a teacher convicted of a sex offense

426 A11636 Rules (Rivera P) — Expands the definition of coercion in the second degree and makes technical changes to the definition of coercion in the first degree

299 A11717 Rules (Lentol) — Relates to the dissemination of violent and indecent video games to minors

496 A40002 Budget — Makes amendments to certain appropriations made by chapters 50, 51 and 53-55 of the laws of 2008 relating to support of state government

497 A40003 Budget — Enacts provisions of law necessary to implement saving adjustments to the state fiscal plan; repealers
528 S902B FARLEY — Relates to penalites for violations of potable water regulations

434 S3079A FUSCHILLO — Provides that the commission of criminal impersonation in the first degree shall include the impersonation of any police officer or federal law enforcement officer

302 S3612 NOZZOLIO — Provides for the electronic transmission of notification of the release of an inmate convicted of a felony

231 S4146 VOLKER — Relates to final orders of observation of individuals who lack capacity to stand trial

232 S4332 SKELOS — Relates to the registration of sex offenders

62 S4473 MALTESE — Requires the industry apparel special task force to submit annual reports to the governor, legislature and chairpersons of legislative labor committees

234 S4690B TRUNZO — Provides procedures for resolution of disputes between a public employer and Suffolk county park police

534 S4956A VOLKER — Relates to evidence of an employee’s past criminal record

312 S6764 VOLKER — Adds certain crimes to the definition of criminal act for the purposes of the penal law article relating to enterprise corruption

56 S6806C BUDGET — Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the public protection and general government budget for the 2008-2009 state fiscal plan

57 S6807C BUDGET — Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the education, labor and family assistance budget for the 2008-2009 state fiscal plan

58 S6808C BUDGET — Enacts major components of legislation necessary to implement the health and mental hygiene budget for the 2008-2009 fiscal year

67 S6875A SKELOS — Protects people who use the internet from convicted sex offenders

359 S6879 DEFRANCISCO — Provides that bus companies may reserve and keep empty one seat on each bus placed in service by such bus company in honor of civil rights activist Rosa Parks

255 S7437A KRUGER — Relates to the advisory council of the office for prevention of domestic violence

317 S7548 SEWARD — Permits the electronic appearance of a defendant in the county of Herkimer

463 S7602A LANZA — Establishes disciplinary provisions for crane inspectors who commit wrongful acts in the course of their employment

564 S7608 MALTESE — Designates certain employees of the New York city business integrity commission as peace officers

465 S7638A VOLKER — Requires an employer that receives a consumer report to provide the subject of such report a copy of the laws governing the employment of persons previously convicted

467 S7712A SKELOS — Relates to the timeliness of prosecutions for a certain crime

469 S7723 MONTGOMERY — Provides guidelines for evaluating applications for barbers and cosmetology license where applicant has prior criminal record
472 S8143A FARLEY — Establishes all home loans shall be subject to certain standards and limitations; creates the crimes of residential mortgage fraud in the 1st through 5th degrees

275 S8254 MORAHAN — Creates an advisory council on underage alcohol consumption; repealer

552 S8291 WINNER — Relates to the tobacco escrow funds and providing for the enhanced enforcement of these provisions with respect to roll-your-own tobacco products

477 S8298A HANNON — Relates to clarifying and strengthening the authority of the board for professional medical conduct to discipline physicians and to enhancing infection control training and practices

279 S8376A FUSCHILLO — Relates to identity theft, protection of sensitive personal information, employee personal identifying information and crime of unlawful possession of skimmer device
323 S8534A MORAHAN — Relates to the protection of children in residential facilities from child abuse and neglect; repealer

115 S8549 LARKIN — Relates to the New York city off-track betting corporation

325 S8554 SALAND — Requires the commissioner of education to revoke and annul the certificates of school administrators or supervisors under certain conditions

326 S8665 WINNER — Authorizes issuance of an order of protection against any member of the same family or household

491 S8706 SKELOS — Relates to transmission of data relating to the possession and acquisition of a firearm

139 S8708 RULES — Relates to individual and group self-insurers and security for payment of compensation and a default offset fund, creates a task force on group self-insurers

140 S8709 RULES — Relates to thoroughbred horse racing; repealer

141 S8714 NOZZOLIO — Enacts provisions relating to post-release supervision

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