Internet Shutdowns and How to Stop Them


On Tuesday June 25 2024 at 09:00-10:30 EDT (13:00-14:30 UTC) the Internet Society Washington DC Chapter (ISOC-DC) and the Internet Society New York Chapter (ISOC-NY) in collaboration with Access Now will host a webinar ‘Internet Shutdowns, and How to Stop Them‘.

It is an unfortunate fact that, in some regions of the world, our best efforts to make an ‘Internet for Everyone’ are all too often undercut by deliberate withdrawals of service, mandated by the powers that be.

Three organizations have taken it upon themselves to shine light on this issue: Access Now, with its #KeepItOn advocacy campaign to oppose shutdowns; The Internet Society on its Pulse platform, which has not only a Shutdown Tracker, but also a Netloss Calculator to estimate the resulting economic damage; and Columbia Global Freedom of Expression, which specifically tracks legal challenges to shutdowns.

In this webinar we host experts from all three, presenting reports on their work.


Natalia Krapiva, Senior Tech-Legal Counsel, Access Now

[SHRINKING DEMOCRACY, GROWING VIOLENCE – Internet shutdowns in 2023]

Joan Barata, Senior Legal Fellow, Future Free Speech Project

[Internet Shutdowns in international law]

Dan York, Director, Internet Technology, Internet Society

[Global Internet Shutdowns]


Chelsea Horne, Senior Professorial Lecturer, American University Department of Literature / Co-convenor, ISOC-DC

This webinar is free and open to the public. The event will also be livestreamed. A recording will be available after the event.


Natalia Krapiva leads Access Now’s efforts to strategically engage courts and legal processes to uphold digital rights. Natalia is licensed by the state bar of New York (USA). Prior to Access Now, Natalia worked as a prosecutor at Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.

Joan Barata works on freedom of expression, media regulation, and intermediary liability issues. He is a Fellow of the Program on Platform Regulation at the Stanford Cyber Policy Center. His work has taken him in most regions of the world, and he is regularly involved in projects with international organizations such as UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the Organization of American States or the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, where he was the principal advisor to the Representative on Media Freedom.

Dan York is currently focused on the Amicus Program, which provides the Internet Society with an opportunity to scan important, precedential legal cases and file amicus curiae. He also assists with with UN, Measurement, and Encryption projects.

Dr. Chelsea L. Horne is a Senior Professorial Lecturer at American University’s Department of Literature. Her areas of research encompass communication, digital culture, information integrity, privacy, internet governance, AI policy, and cultural and performance studies. Horne is co-convenor of the Internet Society’s US Washington DC Chapter.


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