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@ the Center is the flagship e-newsletter of the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). It highlights major projects, publications and conferences related to the work of NCSC.. Even though this newsletter is of redcent vintage (still Volume 1) it has already caught the attention of many in the judiciary. If you are interested in more information click here. Below are highlights of the March 2010 issue.

Volume 1, Issue 6 March 2010

Budget resource center expanded Interactive maps show extent of cost cutting across the country

By Jan M. Spaeth Ph.D.

“These DVDs provide real assistance to counsel in guiding witnesses through what can be a scary prospect. Not preachy or intimidating, these videos set just the right tone in providing guidance while inspiring confidence. After watching one of these programs, a witness should be much better prepared.”

–Philip R. Higdon, Esq., Perkins, Coie, Brown & Bain, P.A.

Posted on behalf of the Court History and Public Education division of the Indiana Supreme Court. Please contact Ms. Sarah Hachey with your requests.

The Indiana Supreme Court is pleased to announce the addition of two new

FREE* publications to the Indiana Supreme Court Legal History Series.

In his posting on the Blog Critics Culture Blog, William Lambers explains that bloggers can help Haiti by taking action through spreading the work about the suffering in that country and by showing how others can help. Although Lambers is referring in his post primarily to the World Food Programme, his words aply to blogging assistance in promoting other programs as well.

You may also be interested in the video from the New York State Comptroller regarding Haiti at

U.S. White House: Haiti Earthquake Relief

A report prepared by New York Governor David Paterson’s Task Force on Transforming Juvenile Justice released in December 2009. It “shines a harsh light” on the problems in New York’s prisons for juvenile offenders
According to this Report, ” the problems are so acute that the state agency overseeing the prisons has asked New York’s family court judges not to send youths to any of them “unless they are a significant risk to public safety,” recommending instead alternatives like therapeutic foster care.”

This Report comes three months after a federal investifgation found that excessive force was routinely used at the four New York prisons, “resulting in injuries as severe as broken bones and shattered teeth.”

Although we are not authorized to include in this posting a draft copy we have seen of the Report, the following is an excerpt from the Executive Summary>
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An American Bar Association publication sponsored by the ABA Criminal Justice Section

The State of Criminal Justice 2009

“Authors from across the criminal justice field provide essays on topics ranging from white collar crime to international law to juvenile justice. This annual publication examines and reports on the major issues, trends and significant changes in the criminal justice system. As one of the cornerstones of the Section’s work, the publication serves as an invaluable resource for policy-makers, academics, and students of the criminal justice system alike. The 2009 volume contains 21 chapters focusing on specific aspects of the criminal justice field, with new addition of full text and reports of all of the adopted official ABA policies passed in 2008-2009 that address criminal justice issues”.

The Journal:

Criminology is a journal, published quarterly, devoted to crime and deviant behavior. Disciplines covered include sociology, psychology, design, systems analysis, and decision theory. Major emphasis is placed on empirical research and scientific methodology. The journal’s content also includes articles which review the literature or deal with theoretical issues stated in the literature as well as suggestions for the types of investigation which might be carried out in the future. It is published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. on behalf of the American Society of Criminology.

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