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TITLE: The Fear Within

SUBTITLE: Spies, Commies, and American Democracy on Trial AUTHOR: Scott Martelle PUBLICATION DATE: May 2011

PUBLISHER: Rutgers University Press PAGE COUNT: 320 pp.

TITLE: THE SUPREME COURT SUBTITLE: A C-SPAN Book Featuring the Justices in Their Own Words EDITORS: Brian Lamb, Susan Swain, and Mark Farkas PUBLICATION DATE: May 4, 2010

PUBLISHER: Perseus Books PAGE COUNT: 372 pp.

ISBN: 978-1-38648-835-2

TITLE: A Right to Discriminate?

SUBTITLE: How the Case of Boy Scouts of America v. James Dale Warped the Law of Free Association

AUTHOR: Andrew Koppelman with Tobias Barrington Wolff PUBLICATION DATE: July 2009

BY Philip Y. Blue, Senior Law Librarian New York Supreme Court Criminal Term Library

In a move that could reshape the library automation landscape, OCLC has expanded WorldCat Locals existing cataloging and discovery tools with new circulation, delivery, and acquisitions features. This new project, which OCLC calls “the first Web-scale, cooperative library management service,” will ultimately bring into WorldCat Local the full complement of functions traditionally performed by a locally installed integrated library system (ILS).

Libraries that subscribe to FirstSearch WorldCat will get, for no additional charge, the WorldCat Local quick start service: a locally branded catalog interface and simple search box that presents localized search results for print and electronic content along with the ability to search the entire WorldCat database and other resources via the Web. Further automation support would come next year.

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