ABA Criminal Justice Section: Second Annual Sentencing Advocacy, Practice and Reform Institute

The 2009 Fall Conference Washington, DC.
November 6, 2009
“The ABA Criminal Justice Section, in cooperation with our co-sponsors, is proud to present a one-day seminar to address a broad array of sentencing and reentry issues, with a particular emphasis on sentencing practice in white-collar cases. The conference will examine sentencing and reentry trends and opportunities for reform at both the federal and state levels. The program will begin with a plenary session on the state of the sentencing union including rates of incarceration, sentencing trends, racial disparity, alternatives to incarceration, and recent federal legislation. There will be two tracks of instruction focused on reentry and two focused on sentencing, each addressing issues of concern to different segments of the criminal justice community, including probation and parole officials, white collar crime defense attorneys, prosecutors, academics, public defenders, judges, sentencing consultants, mitigation specialists, corrections personnel, victim advocates and policy experts. One track will focus on practice and procedure issues of particular concern to criminal defense attorneys in general and white collar practitioners in particular. Confirmed speakers include Jeremy Travis, President of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the U. S. Sentencing Commission. The second annual conference is hoped to again attract a broad cross-section of those involved in perhaps the most pressing criminal justice issues of our time”.

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