New Blog: PCAN (Preservation and Conservation Administration News)

Beth Doyle and Holly Robertson have launched a new online blog devoted to preservation and conservation administration called PCAN or Preservation and Conservation Administration News.

Below is the description from their site that explains what PCAN is trying to accomplish. They are very excited about this site and hope that you, too, will find it useful. Their first post is up and concerns training library and archives conservators
Back in the day we had two great print publications, Conservation Administration News and the Abbey Newsletter. Before the internet and social networking, these were THE publications for news and information related to library and archives preservation and conservation. Now through the use of the internet, discussion groups, blogs, wikis, etc., we have more ways to communicate than ever, but you still need to be tuned in to the right place at the right time and have the rights to view the content.

We have two great online discussion groups, Conservation On Line (hosted by AIC) and Preservation Administration Discussion Group (ALA-Preservation and Reformatting Section) where we can post quick “how to” questions. We also have print publications such as Library and Research and Technical Services and the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation where academic research is published. While these resources are very useful, there is no “hot spot” for other relevant content such as editorials, essays, book reviews, etc., especially as they relate to preservation and conservation program administration which is where CAN and Abbey proved their usefulness.

With a nod to these two venerable publications, we introduce a new experiment: Preservation & Conservation Administration News or PCAN. We invite you to share in the experience. What would make this site fun and useful for you? What online resources do you follow and want to share? What are the hot topics that you talk about with your colleagues in the bar after the conference meetings are done? Some things we think may be interesting:

Editorials Essays White papers Book reviews Conference reports News Videos (tours of your lab or recordings of your musings)
Links to preservation/conservation related social sites and web pages Discussion boards (the things you don’t want to ask on CoOL or PADG)

So, here we are. We hope that PCAN will be successful but that will only happen if you find it interesting enough to participate. Please contact us if you have content to add or ideas for us to consider. We look forward to hearing from you!

PECAN Editors/Administrators Beth Doyle, Collections Conservator Holly Robertson, Conservation Administrator
September 2009

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