Sources of Information about Judges

On April 4, 2008 Patricia Barbone sent an e-mail to the Law Library Association of New York (LLAGNY) listserv in which she listed the following two excellent sources where information about judges can be found.:

Judicial Reports is an on-demand service that covers NY Judges. The first profile you request is $600, then second is $500, and the third is $400. All subsequent profiles are $400. Reports generally consist of

1. A sample profile of judge
2 Judge’s campaign contributors (since 1999)
3. Judge’s financial disclosure form

All this information is public, but some of it may only be available via FOIA or by going directly to the agency. Some may be on the “deep” web by burrowing down in many of the state and city databases…not necessarily reachable by a google search.

Their phone number is 212-766-3201.

The second source Patricia listed is Legal Metric at
which reports on U.S. District Court Judges. The report answers these fundamental questions and more:

·How likely is the judge to rule in your favor?

·Which significant motions are granted or denied?

What is the time to termination for cases like yours?

While these sources are excellent, I am adding a third source which can also be helpful for obtaining information about judges and the judiciary in New York State. :

The New York State Unified Court System public website at includes under the category of Judges, a Judicial Directory and links to other information as well, including: Judicial Resources, New York State Judicial Institute, Judicial Ethics Opinions, and more. Once you click on the above link and get to the Unified Court System public web site, you will need to go to the list of options on the right side of your screen and click on Judges. This will take you to the site containing link to the above options and more.

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