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Issue 408 ________________________________________________
Screening Justice – The Cinema of Law:
Significant Films of Law, Order and Social Justice

This recent publication from Hein contains more than 50 essays written by 50 legal scholars, professionals and professors, focusing on significant films about law, order and social justice. The essays selected for the book address a rich and diverse variety of films and issues, from justice in Nazi Germany to the American Dust Bowl to the role of military justice.

Sexual Orientation and the Law
A Research Bibliography Selectively Annotating Legal Literature Through 2005 AALL Standing Committee on Lesbian and Gay Issues
This indispensable research bibliography on sexuality issues is now available from Hein. This new edition aims to provide guidance to all librarians in both developing a core collection of relevant material and in providing research assistance to professors, students, attorneys and judges. It features 877 new entries and 235 new cases.

The Law and Mr. Smith

In this new acid-free reprint, author Max Radin attempts to explain to the average layperson what exactly the law is and the reasons behind why it is that way. This book is divided into three parts. The first part is devoted to theory and answering basic questions, the second part traces the evolution of law from the ancient Greeks, and the third part analyzes several legal categories such as obligation, compensation, property and crime.

The Law Relating to Works of Literature and Art
Embracing the Law of Copyright, the Law Relating to Newspapers, Law Relating to Contracts Between Authors, Publishers, Printers, etc., and The Law of Libel

This acid-free reprint from Hein is a great historical resource for your intellectual property collection. The work is intended to provide a compilation of all laws relating to literature and art. It is aimed towards the legal profession and those engaged in literary and artistic pursuits, whether as editors or publishers, with a complete statement of the law bearing on the subjects of their labors.

The Life and Letters of Roscoe Conkling Orator, Statesman, Advocate

This biography of a great and influential politician is now available newly reprinted from Hein. A New York lawyer and political leader, Roscoe Conkling was a very active politician throughout his life in the nineteenth century. Conkling was a member of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Modern Democracies

This new acid-free reprint from Hein is an in-depth comparative study of the great democracies of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and will be an excellent addition to any legal history collection. Author James Bryce analyzes the religion, art, industry, inner working and structure of such governments as the United States, Canada, Switzerland, France and Australia.

A Practical Treatise on the Law of Contracts, Not Under Seal;
and Upon the Usual Defenses to Actions Thereon 4th Edition

The newly reprinted fourth edition of this popular book on the law of contracts contains a much more complete and comprehensive collection of cases and subjects, making it nearly twice the size and twice as useful as all previous versions.

Prize Law During the World War
A Study of the Jurisprudence of the Prize Courts, 1914-1924
This new acid-free reprint from Hein provides a survey of the organization, function and jurisdiction of the prize courts during World War I, which provided the most important contribution of the war to international law. Author James Wilford Garner sets out to summarize and compare the interpretation and conclusions of the prize courts of various nations in which such tribunals were formed and to point out the divergent decisions made in identical or similar circumstances.

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