Hien’s Top 20 Publications for 2007

From William S. Hein and Company, Inc.:

1. Dahl’s Law Dictionary – Spanish/English 4th Edition

Now in its fourth edition, Dahl’s was the first bilingual dictionary containing encyclopedic definitions. This new edition includes more than 11,000 words and phrases to aid researchers in defining legal terms in both English and Spanish.

2. Adoption Law: Theory, Practice and Policy
This publication is the first adoption law casebook with a state-to-state guide. It comprises statutes from every region of the United States. Practice pointers from various sources, a hearing transcript and forms that will provide researchers with a sense of the practice of adoption law are also included.
3. Judicial Opinion Writing Handbook – 5th Edition

This publication reviews existing methods, styles, rules and techniques described in numerous books and articles. This new edition has been expanded to include a section on judges’ views, containing comments and ideas from prominent judges.

4. What Good Is Legislative History?

This is the first work to study the influence of Justice Antonin Scalia’s criticism of legislative histories in more than 250 court decisions. Author Joseph L. Gerken explains throughout his work what it is that federal courts of appeals judges do when presented with legislative history in support of a statutory argument.


5. Art Law: Cases and Materials

This one-of-a kind casebook is perfect for artists, researchers, students, attorneys and all who are interested in art and the law. More than 180 in-depth case analyses are included in this work. The book includes ten chapters focusing on developing and defining the legal contours for protection of art.

6. Civil Liberties in Wartime
7. Screening Justice – The Cinema of Law
8. Relief From the Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction
9. Survey on Law Library Liaison Services
10. Beyond the Books: People, Politics and Librarianship

11. Legal Research for the Texas Practitioner
12. Illegal Sex Discrimination or Permissible Customer Preference?

13. Family Manifesto
14. Fundamental Principles of Family Law – 2nd Ed.

15. Secret Treaties of History- 2nd Ed.

16. Family Law: Balancing Interests and Pursuing Priorities

17. Robert H. Jackson: Country Lawyer, Supreme Court Justice…

18. Scope and Myths of Roe v. Wade …

19. Taxes in Paradise: Developing Basic Income Tax Concepts – 2nd ed.

20. ASIL Careers in International Law


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