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Electronic publlications from William S. Hein & Company:

HeinOnline’s U.S. Federal Agency Library
The U.S. Federal Agency Library is a complete collection of the official case law of some of the United States’ most important government institutions. This case law, also known as decision law, is the body of reported judicial opinions that are published by each agency and thereby become precedent and the basis for future decisions. This Library contains titles from various government agencies, including the FCC, NLRB, FTC, ICC, IRCB and many more. Continue to brochure.

A Guide to State Legislation, Legislative History, and Administrative Materials 7th Edition
By: William H. Manz
Since the last edition, Guide to State Legislative and Administrative Materials, 2002 Edition, the explosion of electronically available information has radically altered the legal publishing world. This Seventh Edition of title #61 in the AALL Publication Series brings together the major print and electronic sources of administrative and legislative information, including bills, codes, regulations, attorney general opinions, executive orders, and administrative orders and decisions. This work is an excellent starting point in identifying the best web sites to further one’s research. Continue to brochure.

List Price: $85.00
Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2008 AALL Publication Series No. 61
A Higher Law

Readings on the Influence of Christian Thought in Anglo-American Law, 2nd Edition By: Jeffrey A. Brauch
The common law formed the legal system that, for more than 800 years, defined and governed most legal rights and duties of citizens in England and later in the United States.This book tells the story of the development and evolution of the common law in our society. This second edition is designed to further the quest to look beyond legal rules and institutions to the legal philosophies that shaped them. While this work is an excellent text for any common law course, it is also provocative reading for lawyers, researchers, librarians, or students interested in the development and evolution of the common law. Continue to brochure.

List Price: $55.00 Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2008

Bilateral Free Trade Agreements
By: William H. Manz
This eleven-volume compilation details the bilateral free trade agreements made between the United States and Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, Singapore, Chile and many others. It contains the final acts, the congressional debates, reports, hearings, and related materials for these agreements. The collection enhances the NAFTA legislative history published by Hein in 1994, and provides researchers with a one-stop resource to learn more about the evolution of free trade agreements between the United States and other countries across the world. Continue to brochure.

List Price: $1,295.00 Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2007-2008
Digital Evidence in the Courtroom:

A Guide for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors
National Institute of Justice
Digital Evidence in the Courtroom, available for the first time in print format, helps to navigate the complex process of presenting digital evidence in a court of law. Now essential to modern life, computers have also become increasingly important to criminals who steal information, commit fraud and stalk victims online. Even if a crime was not committed online, law enforcement may discover critical evidence from an offender’s digital media. For this evidence to be admissible in court, however, police must demonstrate the proper collection and handling. This title has never before been available in print format! This title is the 27th installment in Hein’s Electronic Documents Reprint Series. Continue to brochure.

List Price: $55.00 Originally Published: Washington, D.C.; Department of Justice; 2007 Reprinted: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2007


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