New York Legislation: Update to Legislation Regarding Rockefeller Drug Law Reform

On March 30, 2009 we posted information on this blawg about the historic agreement reached by New York lawmakers regarding reform of the Rockefeller drug law. Since that time there has been significant activity related to his effort including the signing of Chapter 56 of 2009 by the Governor on April 7, 2009. Although Chapter 56 is considered as primarily related to budget matters it contains significant material related to the Rockefeller Law reform initiatives.

For your information this posting includes links to those parts of the aforementioned legislation which appear to be relevant to the Rockefeller Drug Law reform issue. The links are to items I have posted on the New York Supreme Court Criminal Term Library Blog: for Part AAA of Chapter 56 of 2009. for Part SS of Chapter 56 of 2009 for Part ZZ of Chapter 56 of 2009
I am also including with her permission a Finding Aid compiled by Ellen R. Fuller, Reference Librarian at the New York State Supreme Court Library at Syracuse. Ellen’s compilation provides a useful overview for examining the key issues of Chapter 56 including those Parts which address issues related to reform of the Rockefeller Drug Laws. Ellen’s Finding Aid is an unofficial document which should not be relied upon for legal advice.

Finding Aid for Chapter 56 L. 2009 Changes, compiled by Ellen R. Fuller

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