New Web Based Pathfinder for Creating Metadata for Digital Legal Materials

Rob Richards an in independent law librarian and legal information consultant based in Philadelphia has pub together a Website listing resources useful in creating metadata for digital legal materials . According to Mr. Richards, “the site is intended for use by researchers studying legal information systems and by librarians building digital libraries of legal materials…” As he explains: “…I wasn’t able to find a pathfinder for people new to the study of legal information systems…, so I wrote my own, and then put it on a Website in hopes that it might be helpful to others. Suggestions and comments are welcome.” He can be contacted at

Here are the links to his site:, and links to legal scholarly respositories, (listing only stand-alone repositories of legal materials),

This web based pathfinder should be a useful resource for all interested in working within the framework of legal information systems to create metadata for digital legal materials, regardless of whether they are experienced or inexperienced.

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