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Georgia K. Briscoe* of the University of Colorado School of Law Library has sent the following announcement which we are please to post here for the benefit of all law librarians and perhaps some others as well. Here is her announcement:

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new online SSRN journal which academic technical services librarians will find useful. LEGAL INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY eJOURNAL is edited by Randy Diamond and Lee Peoples. I am pleased to be a member of the editorial board representing technical services issues. The archive already includes over 150 papers and is growing daily. This ejournal provides another avenue for TS librarians to publish.

Subscribers to SSRN will soon start receiving email issues announcing works in progress and recent publications. SSRN will issue a formal announcement soon, but the editors are pleased to provide a pre-launch viewing. Detailed information from Randy and Lee follows. I hope you will check out this new opportunity for professional growth and development.

Best regards, Georgia
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(If you do not already have an SSRN account, you may subscribe to the ejournal through your law school’s Legal Scholarship Network Site License:

Journal Description:

We thank the journal’s founding sponsor MALLCO, the Mid-America Law Consortium for their generous support. Without MALLCO’s backing, this would not have gotten off the ground so quickly. We also thank the advisory board for their encouragement and thoughtful ideas about direction and focus. And we thank Janet Sinder from LLJ, Mike Chiorazzi from LRSQ, Mark Engsberg from IJLI, and Mary Hotchkiss from Perspectives for their efforts to maximize availability of their journals’ content on the new eJournal. One of our goals for the eJournal is to generate more articles for the professional literature.

We are excited about the journal on several fronts. We aim to make it the premier eJournal in the field by featuring the works of law librarians and other academics. Obtaining feedback on works in progress, developing the profession’s scholarly agenda, and presenting our work to a wider audience are just a few examples of the journal’s potential. We hope it will inspire more of us to write, to share our work more readily within the profession, and to extend our knowledge to the broader legal academy and other disciplines interested in our field and expertise. The journal welcomes all significant contributions to legal information scholarship and to the practice of law librarianship

We are in the process of inviting LLJ, LRSQ, IJLI, and Perspectives authors to post their works back to 2005 and welcome all other publications from that time frame fitting within the journal’s subject matter. If you already have an SSRN account please upload your paper and classify it under the Legal Scholarship Network > LSN Subject Matter eJournals > Legal Information & Technology eJournal.

If you do not have an SSRN account it is very easy to set one up and upload your paper for free at:
We have also attempted to identify papers previously posted to SSRN for inclusion. In the short time frame we have been working, we will surely have missed some. If your paper is already on SSRN and we have not contacted you, please let us know and we can have it reclassified under the Legal Information & Technology eJournal.

We hope you enjoy the eJournal and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Lee Peoples Randy Diamond Editors, Legal Information & Technology eJournal.
_____________________________________ *As mentioned, Georgia Briscoe is a member of the Editorial Board representing technical services issues.

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