Madoff, Investors, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Recent news and developments regarding investors and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) as related to the Madoff ponzi scheme:

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has posted information for Madoff investors at:

See also NYT article 2-5-09: by Diana B. Henriques “At Madoff Hearing, Lawmakers Lay Into S.E.C.” at:
Washington Post article 2-5-09 “Lawmakers Sink Teeth into the SEC: Agency Mocked for Not Catching Madoff” by Frank Ahrens at


An eclectic list which purports to name thousands of people who lost money in Mr. Madoff’s alleged ponzi scheme has been released as part of his firm’s bankruptcy court proceedings. It is reported to consist of a simple alphabetical listing of people who either were identified as customers in Mr. Madoff”s records or who identified themselves as customers by contacting Irving Picard, the court appointed trustee in charge of liquidating Mr. Madoff’s assets, or the Securities Investor Protection Corporation. Soon after learning the list had been released, Josh Linsk a publisher transformed it into a searchable database. Mr. Linsk, not a Madoff investor himself, has said that if any person wishes to be removed from his version of the database, “we would honor that”. His searchable database is at*
___________________________________________ * Most of the above additional information was derived from material included in a Friday February 6, 2009 Wall Street Journal Article, “Madoff Clients Exposeed,” by Dionne Searcey and Amir Efranti, pages A1, A10. We recommend that you read their entire article.

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