Library of Congress Merges Acquisition and Cataloging Functions

For the Announcement check the press release at

Questions have been raised as to how this might impact law cataloging. Here is a response from AAron Wolfe Kuperman at the Law Catagoging Section of the Library of Congress:

The impact on the LAW team is limited. We are renamed the “Law Section”,
but there are virtually no changes in function, i.e. the Law Section will not be merged with the acquisitions functions. There will be a slight improvement (meaning greater involvement) by law catalogers in doing serials, and a substantial increase in doing non-roman (while Arabic is done elsewhere, I’ll be doing the Hebrew on the law section account rather than as a “guest” with the Hebraica team, and gained two CJK catalogers and will do the CJK in our sections). –Aaron
P.S. For those who are interested, the new code for the section is “xg” rather than “sg” (for those who know how to search it online).

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