Libraries Taskforce to Investigate OCLC Policy Change Regarding Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records

According to, a libraries taskforce has been formed to investigate the recent OCLC policy changes regarding the use and transfer of WorldCat records.

According to

“Taking a step likely to be welcomed by many in the cataloging community, the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) have formed an ad hoc task force to study the recently disseminated OCLC policy governing the use and transfer of WorldCat records.

The group has indicated that the study will not be a formal legal analysis, but will instead attempt to determine what changes in cataloging practice and policy will be required as a result of the update from OCLC. As ASERL executive director John Burger told LJ, ‘The concerns are mostly about the assertion of copyright over the records, the somewhat-sudden, unilateral nature of the change, and questions seeking greater clarity over what uses are permissible and what are not.’ “…

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OCLC policy statement: Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records, Updated to November 19, 2008.

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