Internet Society: Second Annual OneWebDay Global Event

The Second Annual OneWebDay Global event of The Internet Society (ISOC) is being held this year in Israel. Here are some details:

The second annual OneWebDay global event will be celebrated in Israel on Monday, October 22, 2007, and during the following week. Internet organizations from around the world and association members of ISOC Chapters have begun the preparations for the celebrations of OneWebDay event which is celebrated September 22, 2007 (Unfortunately
in Israel it is Saturday and Yom Kippur).

The purpose of OneWebDay is to celebrate the human collaborations and connections the Internet makes possible, and to express the positive aspects of the web.

How will OneWebDay be celebrated in Israel?

The ISOC-IL and the “Lehava” National project (14 Community Technology Centers around Israel) have initiated collaborated activities. The local community members are invited to “Lehava”‘s instruction centers, to take part in One Web Day events through activities that advance the internet, such as: Workshops in which children and youth teach grandparents or parents to surf the web, open e-mail accounts, use instant messaging, start blogs; Information
Quest contest – for the fast and efficient retrieval of information from the web; Participation in a pilot project of building a shared photo database for the occasion of “60 Years of Israel” in a shared online WIKI album – a joint initiative of the Israel Wikimedia Foundation and the Israel Internet Association, Instructing people in the use of technology and peripheral equipment (such as digital camera, scanner etc.), and raising awareness of copyright issues; “Lehava” computer trustees volunteering for building web sites for NGO’s, communities and municipal services; Workshop for teachers and teaching trainees on the collaborative web, Web 2.0, by the Israel Association for Information Technologies in Education. Further collaborations are possible through the OneWebDay Wiki global web site.

The events in Israel will be listed on the ISOC Israel web site at:

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