Hundreds of TV Stations Still Plan to Make the Switch to Digital on February 17

The following is posted as a service to those readers who still need to convert to digital television:

An article by Peter Whorisky and Kim Hart published in the February 11, 2009 Washington Post, “500 TV Stations Still Plan to Make Digital Switch Next Week,”explains “…the onset of the digital transition comes despite Congress’s best intention to delay it.” Although Congress has postponed the February deadline, nearly 500 full power television stations across the nation are preparing to move ahead to make the conversion and drop traditional over-the-air broadcasts on February 17, the original deadline date, as authorized in the DTV postponement legislation.

A Chart listing all TV stations (including those that will be converting early – highlighted in red) is included as an added feature accompanying the web version of this article To see the list click on the link below:

Full List of TV Stations Converting to Digital: Those planning to convert early are highlighted in red

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