HeinOnLine: Monthly Recap for May 2008

World Trials Library
With the addition of 99 new trials in the May content release, HeinOnline’s World Trials Library now contains 1,300 titles. If your library does not already subscribe to one of the most astounding online trials collection in the world, now is the time. Click here for the complete brochure, or contact a member of our sales team for pricing information.

English Reports
At the suggestion of several of our subscribers, we are pleased to announce that Statutes of the Realm has been added to the English Reports. This collection, which contains Great Britain’s Laws and Statutes for 1225-1713, greatly enhances HeinOnline’s early British Collection. Click here to link to this new collection.

Law Journal Library
CCH Journals

We have continued to upgrade our CCH Tax collection with the addition of the following CCH published periodicals into HeinOnline: Taxes: The Tax Magazine, Volumes 1-82 (1923-2004), and Corporate Business Taxation Monthly, Volumes 1-6 (1999-2005).

Canada Law Book Periodicals
We are excited to announce that all Canada Law Book Periodicals will be added to HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library. The following periodicals are now available: Advocates’ Quarterly, Volumes 1-30 (1977-2005), Criminal Law Quarterly, Volumes 1-49 (1958-2005), and Estates, Trusts and Pensions Journal, Volumes 1-23 (1973-2004).

Session Laws
The New York Session Laws (1777-2006) are now complete in HeinOnline. New York is the first state to be complete in HeinOnline. California will be added in its entirety soon.

Searchable PDFs
Searchable PDFs are now available in HeinOnline! Researchers will find this enhancement in the following libraries: English Reports, European Center for Minority Issues, Foreign and International Law Resources Database, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, Phillip C. Jessup Library, and U.S. Attorney General Opinions. We will continue the conversion until all PDFs in HeinOnline are searchable. I

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