Haworth Press Coming Soon to Informaworld

The following is from a letter announcing that Taylor & Franis Group has recently acquired the publishing portfolio of Haworth Press:

Taylor & Francis Group recently acquired the publishing portfolio of Haworth Press. I am writing to give you advance notification of our schedule for migrating the ejournals from www.haworthpress.com to www.informaworld.com to allow for a smooth platform transition for you and your users.

Timeline From November 2008 we will begin to load journal titles formerly published by Haworth Press to www.informaworld.com. From this point, no new content with a 2009 volume year will be added to www.haworthpress.com, nor will any new accounts be created on the site. We expect this load to be complete by mid-December, and for all Haworth content to be available on informaworld from this point.

The Haworth Press site will run in tandem with informaworld until 30th March 2009, after which date the site will be closed.

In order to minimise user disruption we plan to offer a free trial to all Haworth Press content on informaworld between November 2008 and February 2009. This will also give you an opportunity to check your holdings on informaworld are correct.

Online Access The Haworth Press licence currently allows access to purchased volume years only. Once content is loaded to www.informaworld.com, the access model will change to allow online access to current content along with a backfile to 1997, where digitised. Purchased content will be available in perpetuity.

In most cases, online access should be transferred automatically to your institution’s informaworld account. In the case of personal subscribers and any new institutional subscribers who do not yet have an informaworld account you will receive an email detailing how to access your subscription. We will send you an email once all content is loaded to advise you to check your access thoroughly whilst we are dual hosting and report any anomalies to the informaworld support team at support@informaworld.com.

Online Access to Ceased Titles We plan to host ceased titles from www.haworthpress.com on informaworld and will supply users with a list of these titles in future correspondence. Users will need to claim online access to ceased titles by contacting support@informaworld.com.

Academic to Calendar Year subscriptions
Haworth Press published titles on an academic year basis (September to August). Taylor & Francis will be publishing these titles on a calendar year basis. Any 2007/2008 academic year subscriptions will be extended to 31 December 2008. All volumes will be published on a calendar year basis from 2009.

Link Resolvers From November 2008 we plan to feature Haworth Press content in the feeds we provide to link resolver intermediaries including Serials Solutions, Ex Libris, TD Net and Ebsco Industries A-Z.

Usage Statistics Currently the usage statistics on www.haworthpress.com are not COUNTER Compliant. Because the data is not compliant we do not plan to migrate the Haworth Press usage statistics to informaworld. We do hope, after the close of the Haworth Press site, to make available the previous usage statistics from the site. We encourage any user wishing to access these statistics to download them from www.haworthpress.com before March 30, 2009.

It is our hope that this transition causes minimal disruption to you and your library users. Your patience during this transition is very much appreciated and we hope that the move to informaworld from Haworth Press will provide an improved user experience in the long term.

We will contact you with further details on this transition, and have also created a webpage at www.informaworld.com/haworth to keep you updated.

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