Findlaw Summaries: Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals October 10, 2008

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CRIMINAL LAW & PROCEDURE, EVIDENCE, SENTENCING US v. DeFilippo, No. 071618 Conviction and sentence for conspiracy to racketeer, illegal gambling, and conspiracy to collect credit through extortionate means are affirmed over claims of error that: 1) the district court erred when it admitted testimony from a high-ranking member of the Bonanno Crime Family; 2) the murder of George Sciascia was not relevant conduct because it was not related to a conspiratorial object of which defendant was convicted; 3) the Government failed to rebut an alleged presumption that a person withdraws from a conspiracy when he is arrested; and 4) the district court erred in refusing to hold a hearing on that issue. .

IMMIGRATION LAW Shao v. Mukasey, No. 072689 In an immigration matter brought by Chinese nationals who asserted a fear of future persecution, specifically, forced sterilization, if removed to China based on their having fathered or given birth to more than one child, petitions for review of decision of Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) denying relief from removal are denied where: 1) there was no legal error in the evidentiary framework employed; and 2) because substantial evidence supported the BIA’s findings that each of the petitioners failed to demonstrate that his or her stated fears of persecution on return to China were objectively reasonable.

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