Electronic Court Records Conference: Seattle, Washington

The King County Superior Court Clerk’s Office 2nd Annual Electronic Court Records Program Conference will be held August 4-6,2009 in Seattle, WA. This is a free program.


King County Superior Court Clerk’s Office proudly presents
August 4 – 6, 2009 Seattle, Washington
The benefits of moving from paper court records to electronic court files are hard to over estimate. Paper files are available only during regular business hours and retrieving them requires a trip to the clerk’s office. Only one party can view a file or document at a time. Paper files can be lost, altered, stolen, and destroyed; file storage is expensive and space consuming. If you are dissatisfied with the limitations of paper and serious about implementing an electronic court records solution – this free conference is for you.

The 2nd annual ECR Conference will include intimate and rigorous sessions on all the pieces necessary to implement a successful electronic court records project, such as:
• Developing a master plan;
• Negotiating and contracting successfully;
• Calculating the cost/benefit analysis and return on the investment;
• Managing the business process changes and how to plan for them;
• Partnering with stakeholders to ensure your success; and • Communicating the vision and your plan.

The King County Clerk’s Office is a 2007 Innovations in Government Award winner for their Electronic Court Records Program. The Harvard University’s Ash Institute Innovations Award Program, within the Kennedy School of Government, identifies and promotes best practices and exemplary initiatives that can be replicated in other settings, providing public officials and senior executives with models for innovation at all levels and policy areas of American government.

Conference attendees are entitled to have an expert, or team of experts, come to visit their site to talk directly with and answer questions specific to the implementation site. This may be a judge, a technologist, a budget planner, operations manager, or any other expertise that would be valuable to have on-site for a period of time.

If you are a policy maker and your Court or Clerk’s Office has made the choice to develop an electronic court records program, please indicate your interest in being invited to this space limited, intense 3-day conference by sending an email to: ECR.Conference@kingcounty.gov

This free conference is made possible by a grant from the Innovations in American Government Award Program from the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovations at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Financial assistance for travel expenses may be available for qualifying attendees.

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