Congressional Budget Office: Announcements, Posted June 8 Through June 15, 2023

Established in 1974, The Congressional Budget Office is a federal agency within the legislative branch of the United States government.  It is charged with providing  members of Congress  non partisan, objective  analysis of budgeting and economic issues to support the congressional budget process. Each year, CBO economists and budget analysts produce dozens of reports and hundreds of cost estimates for proposed legislation.

The following are announcements we recently received from the Congressional Budget Office:

Legislation considered under suspension of the Rules of the House of Representatives during the week of June 19, 2023

The Majority Leader of the House of Representatives announces bills that will be considered under suspension of the rules in that chamber. CBO estimates the effects of those bills on direct spending and revenues

Presentations by Staff of CBO’s Health Analysis Division

This week, four analysts from CBO’s Health Analysis Division are presenting their work at the 12th Annual Conference of the American Society of Health Economists (“ASHEcon”) in St. Louis, Missouri

CBO announces the current members of its Panel of Economic Advisers.

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