Responding to Real Time Information, Open Systems, and the Obama IT Vision

Change 2010:

August 27, 2009, Washington, DC –“The Obama administration has challenged Federal information technology managers to explore more open systems,” said Arpan Patel, Director of Somat’s Information Engineering practice. “Federal managers face a compelling need to understand the differences between traditional approaches to information technology and increasingly important open approaches.”

Somat Engineering, the company that builds engineering solutions worldwide, is holding a special, limited attendance briefing, Change 2010: Responding to Real Time Information, Open Systems and the Obama IT Vision, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on September 23, 2009, at 9am.

WHAT: Change 2010: Responding to Real Time Information, Open Systems and the Obama IT Vision
WHEN: 9 am September 23, 2009

WHERE: National Press Club, Washington DC
CONTACT: Bob Miko, Pacific Dialogue Trade Show Bureau, Tel: 203-378-2803, Cell: 203-829-5613, E-mail:


This briefing features three presentations from experts that will provide a road map for tapping real time information and controlling information costs. The approach: innovative engineering and new features of open source, Google and Microsoft systems.

The first segment is “Open Systems and Existing Architectures: Engineering to Control Costs and Enabling Dataspaces.” Arpan Patel, director of Somat’s information engineering practice in DC, will discuss the basics of quantifying the costs and time required for system integration. The presentation will feature Somat’s TechCrunch50 recognized collaboration software Ripply, which uses dataspace technology to eliminate the “where is that latest document/message/response problem” that most organizations and working groups face. For more information about Somat, visit
The second segment is “Real Time Information: Injecting Now Information into Decision Systems.” Robert Steele, CEO of OSS Inc. and founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, as well as creator of the global expeditionary analysis analytic model, will connect the dots between internal knowledge management, external social networking grids such as Facebook and Twitter, external offline information and non-English information, as well as the creation of Organizational Intelligence, or access to and exploitation of All Information in All Languages All the Time, the title of his third book. Mr. Steele will map four steps to “build a bridge” between these information sources. For more information about Mr. Steele, visit

Jim Orris, director of Adhere Solutions, the Google partner responsible for US Federal government sales, will review Google’s solutions for information integration and crafting more open solutions using Google’s platform and Web services to hook into traditional systems using Google compatible connectors and software. More information about Adhere Solutions is available at

An open-floor question and answer session will be moderated by Stephen E. Arnold, a recognized expert on online systems and information processing, and author of Google: The Digital Gutenberg, published in July, 2009, by in Tetbury, Glos.

The event is hosted by Ram Ramanujam, President of Somat Engineering, an award winning, 8(a) technical services firm, headquartered in Detroit, MI, with offices in the US and abroad.

The formal 60 minute program will deliver actionable information for all organizations. The program begins at 9:30 am with coffee and tea. Registration is $25. Registrations are accepted at

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