Audio Conference: Best Practices for Businesses Exploring, Exploiting, and Expanding in Web 2.0

Pike & Fischer Audio Conference
Best Practices for Businesses Exploring, Exploiting, and Expanding in Web 2.0
An interactive audio event
Tuesday, January 15th, 2008
2:00-3:30 p.m. ET
This audio conference, co-sponsored by Pike & Fischer and the ABA’s Section of Science & Technology Law, is a first-of-its-kind opportunity for attorneys and business leaders to gain practical guidance from industry professionals on how best to harness the power of Web 2.0 while mitigating legal risks.

Businesses seeking to maximize profits through blogging, customer-generated content, social networking, web marketing, and other next-gen apps will learn how to avoid the pitfalls and potholes embedded in the Web 2.0 environment.

What Will Be Covered:

Using blogging to your advantage
Capitalizing on the social networking craze without violating IP, privacy, and other rights
Responding to online competitors and detractors
Marketing online effectively…and legally
Using Web 2.0 to locate and vet the best talent
Handling online activity of employees who use corporate resources
Implementing best practices that attract outside financing
Register now to secure actionable insight and take-away recommendations concerning best practices in the Web 2.0 environment, so that your business (and those of your clients) can properly and productively capitalize upon the capabilities of Web 2.0.

Who Should Attend:

Attorneys from the following practice areas:
Business Law
Internet Law
Mergers & Acquisitions
Intellectual Property
Privacy & Security
Free Speech & Defamation
Employment Law
In-house counsel
Executives from:
E-commerce companies
Emerging growth companies
Sales & marketing
Human resources
Venture capital firms
Online media companies
Equipment & software providers
Content providers
Content distributors
Risk management firms
Consulting firms
Stephen N. Hollman, Esq. – Business & Technology Law Group, San Jose, CA and Co-Chair of the American Bar Association Section of Science & Technology Law’s Committee on Blogs and User Generated Content on the Internet


Eric Goldman, Esq. – Assistant Professor of Law and Director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University School of Law, Santa Clara, CA
Fred von Lohmann, Esq. – Senior Staff Attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, San Francisco, CA

Duncan Davidson – Venture Partner in Information Technology with Vantage Point Venture Partners, San Bruno, CA
Annemarie Bray – Vice President, Human Resources, Viacom Inc., New York, NY
Betty Panarella – Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Viacom Inc., New York, NY
CLE Accreditation: Pike & Fischer will apply for CLE accreditation in all states for which we receive a request. You will be provided with an opportunity to apply for same as part of the post-event evaluation process. Your request should include name, state, bar association number, and email address of each listener. CLE credits are applicable to live event registrations only. Clients purchasing audio recordings of our audio conference events are not eligible for CLE credit. The accreditation process typically takes 2-3 months.


A Pike & Fischer audio conference is a live, interactive 90-minute conference presented over the telephone. You can attend from any location that has phone access. You pay just one registration fee for as many participants as you wish at each call-in location.


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