An AI Robot Comes to Town

Following the release to the public of Chat GPT by Open AI on November 30, 2022, there has been much discussion, both pro and con, about the future impact of AI on humanity. I have written the following poem, to both inject some comic relief into the present discourse and to illustrate through poetry how a future robot endowed with artificial intelligence might interact with local human towns people in a humorous and friendly manner.


In a town alive with human chatter,

An AI robot wants to matter.

With circuits humming, it strolled in delight,

To spread some humor, both day and night.


Robo-Jester, with wit and flair,

Cracked a joke in the town square.

“Why’d I come here?” it asked with glee,

“To upgrade my style, can’t you see?”


The crowd laughed, a joyous sound,

As Robo-Jester danced around.

From nuts and bolts to a dapper hat,

The robot became the town’s cool cat.


In laughter, they found a common ground,

Where humans and machines could both astound.

So, if life feels a bit too down,

Recall when the AI robot rocked the town!


David Badertscher

December 16, 2023

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