2008 State of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Industry

Excerpts from AIIM President, John Mancini’s Keynote Address — 4 March 2008 — AIIM International Exposition and Conference

There are four intersecting tensions in the marketplace that have been at work over the past 2 years and are aligning right now to change all of this and to truly create the mainstream market that we have all thought was on the horizon.

#1 – Control Over half of those surveyed have either marginal confidence or no confidence in the integrity of their electronic information. That awareness alone is doing a lot to change the “pain”/”make the pain go away” equation.

#2 – Access We are moving into an environment in which document and records capabilities will be within the reach of tens of thousands of workers within large organizations, not just the hundreds of document intensive process specialists.

#3 – Volume and Impact As document awareness spreads from the Fortune 500 to the Mainstreet 1.3 million, we are going to see a renaissance of awareness and concern about paper.

#4 – Simplicity Greater implementation simplicity and consistency for end users.

AIIM – The ECM Association 3/4/2008

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