The Scitech Lawyer

Volume 6 Issue 2 FALL 2007 Section of Science & Technology Law American Bar Association
The SciTech Lawyer is published quarterly as a service to the members of the Section of Science & Technology Law of the American Bar Association. It endeavors to provide information about current deevelopments in law, science, medicine and technology that is of professional interest to members of the Section.


2. LETTER FROM THE CHAIR. “The first column from the Section of Science & Technology new chair. BY Gilbert F. Whittmore.

6. E-DISCOVERY: A Practical Approach. “New amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure mean that legal professionals can no longer ignore the broader implications of e-discovery. The author recommends creating an electronically stored information hold system and details seven steps for creating a discovery response team with your client. BY Douglas W. Kim.

12 E-DISCOVERY: Aligning Practice with Principles. ” E-discovery in practice has taken on a life of its own beyond the intent of new amendments. This asrticle discusses those specific areas where the practice of e-discovery appears to have diverged from fundamental principles and three relatively uncharted areas where fundamental principles should guide the practice going forward.” BY Sarah Michaels Montgomery.

16 E-DISCOVERY CHALLENGES AND TECHNOLOGIES: The IT Guy’s Perspective. “The nature and scope of discovery has changed dramatically because of electronically stored information, and the cost associated with it, varies significantly depending on its format and the technologies available to retrieve it. BY Andrew Bowden.

20 SPOLIATION OF DIGITAL EVIDENCE: A Changing Approach to Challenges and Sanctions. “After the Zubulake decision, businesses now have a duty to preserve electronic evidence or face sanctions. This article discusses the obligations of this decision for businesses, including forensic and antiforensic software to assist in managing data. BY Steven W. Teppler.

26 CPO CORNER: Stan Crosley “An interview with the CPO of Eli Lilly and Company. BY Ruth Hill Bro.

30 B-TECH UPDATE. “In this quarterly column, find coverage of Genasense injection therapy, hybrid embryos, cander-fighting vegtables and encapsulated DNA.” By Calhoun “Reb” Thomas III.

32 E-TECH UPDATE. “In this quarterly column, find coverage of the Linux ownership dispute, Internet radio royalties, spam registry litigation, and improper IP licensing. BY Robert Bauer.

34 SCITECH PROFILE: Q&A with Melissa Ince. “An interview with the Section’s new Cochair of the Public Health, Environmental Law and Prepardness Committee.” BY Shiv Naimpally.

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