The Power of Librarian Collaboration to Provide Better Information

I was delighted to receive the following e-mail this morning from Camilla Tubbs, Chair of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) because it illustrates how librarians are working together to provide an improved information environment for the benefit of us all –librarians and non-librarians alike. Clearly these are the types of initiatives that need to be shared with our readers.

Some of the links below may be accessible only to members of AALL but others are potentially valuable research links which should be accessible to all. We encourage readers to comment. Anyone can send comments and provide other feedback directly from this posting. Those who are members of AALL and its Chapters can also subscribe to the Library Advocacy listserv at and post directly from there. Without further discussion from me here is Camilla’s e-mail. I am greateful for her permission to publish. David Badertscher.

From: Camilla Tubbs

Below are just a few examples that emphasize the power of librarian collaboration to make a bigger difference in information policy matters. The Government Relations committee was able, with your feedback, to create a state-by-state bill tracking guide, here: . This was the first step in creating a larger community for advocacy. Now we would like to hear more from you:

Are you a member of your Chapter’s local Government Relations Committee or active in librarian advocacy on the state level?

Are there issues like this brewing in your State that you are tracking?

Hearing rumors of new legislation to be introduced affecting information policy?

We need you to post the news to this list-serv and keep us informed – not only of pending library issues but also examples of mobilization. Every bit helps!!

Here are just a few examples of recent Chapter efforts:

Recently, the Government Relations Chairs of three AALL local chapters in California (Northern California (NOCALL); Southern California (SCALL); and San Diego (SANDALL)) and Anne Bernardo for the Council of California County Law Librarians held a brainstorming session about how to move forward on various state issues impacting libraries and access to information. The meeting was a huge success and energized all of the participants.

An AALL member recently brought to attention to Massachusetts Governor’s Office proposing the closer the State Library of Massachusetts as a cost-saving measure. The State Library of Massachusetts now has an online petition to ensure that these collections remain freely accessible to all members of the public: . And the Law Librarians of New England (LLNE) are mobilizing to try to keep the library open.

In Wasington, D.C., LLSDC chapter has also been very busy monitoring proper authentication/chain of custody of DC Municipal Regulations (DCMR) and the DC Register, as DC is planning to completely replace its print-based system with the online system . As part of this outreach, LLSDC hosted an event with Andrea Garvey, the Director of the DC Office of Documents and Administrative Issuances so that she could get a better sense of law librarian concerns regarding authentication.

And now, thanks in part to the hard work of members of this listserv and the participants of AALL’s Day on the Hill, there is a House and a Senate Bill open CRS reports up further to the public. These efforts continue with our action alert:

Your work can make a difference!

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