The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft® Excel 2007

By John C. Tredennick
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“Spreadsheet programs are one of the most powerful but underutilized tools in the trial lawyer’s toolbox. John Tredennick’s concise, clear book shows you how to use spreadsheets powerfully and quickly. I believe that every litigator should be familiar with the contents of this book.” — Joe Kashi, Esq., Author

Did you know Excel can help you analyze and present your cases more effectively or help you better understand and manage complex business transactions? Written by John Tredennick, author/editor of four best-selling books on law and technology issues, a 20-year trial lawyer, and a pioneer in the field of legal technology, The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft® Excel 2007 will help you learn how Excel can become a powerful ally in your legal practice.

No matter what your law practice, you will find spreadsheets to be incredibly handy tools for calculating, sorting, filtering, and charting data. This valuable guide is uniquely designed to help lawyers improve their efficiency and increase their productivity with the most used spreadsheet software on the market. Designed as a hands-on manual for beginners, as well as longtime spreadsheet users, you’ll learn how to build spreadsheets from scratch, use them to analyze issues and data, and create impressionable graphics presentations to use in your daily practice.

Bonus! This guide includes a companion CD-Rom loaded with spreadsheets that you can download and use as you work through the book.

December 2008
7 X 10, 148 Pages Paperback Product Code: 5110665
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