Selected Opinion Summaries Published by Justia, July 29 2022

After reviewing some of my earlier postings over the years and their corresponding comments, it became clear that many readers from that time were accessing  on a regular basis the Opinion Summaries that were being posted  on the Criminal Law Library Blog, prior to its initial closing in 2012. On the basis of that finding it became obvious that reintroducing some form of Opinion Summaries in the newly reopened  Criminal Law Library Blog should at least be considered seriously. After consulting with the Justia Staff everyone  agreed that it was appropriate to reintroduce  opinion summaries to the Criminal Law Library Blog in the form of  Opinion Summaries Published by Justia. The plan is to post opinion summaries, under corresponding areas of law, weekly whenever possible in order to keep blog readers updated.

During this past week (week of July 29,2022) we have received listings of 43 Constitutional Law summaries,  56 Criminal Law Summaries, and 1 White Collar Law case summary.  To gain access to these case summaries, click on the corresponding links below:

Constitutional Law Opinion Summaries.

Criminal Law Opinion Summaries.

White Collar Crime Opinion Summary.

For information regarding the complete scope of Justia Weekly Opinion Summaries,  click here.

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