Recent ABA Publications September 2007

America’s Constitution: A Biography

In America’s Constitution: A Biography, one of this era’s most accomplished constitutional law scholars,
Akhil Reed Amar, gives the first comprehensive account of one of the world’s great political texts. Incisive, entertaining,
and occasionally controversial, this “biography” of America’s framing document explains not only what the Constitution says but also why the Constitution says it.

Law Makers, Law Breakers and Uncommon Trials

From the divine right of Charles I to the civil rights struggle of Rosa Parks, 25 non-fiction stories from the pages of Litigation provide a panorama of people whose actions helped form our legal system and our world. Constitution makers, Civil War enemies, Irish rebels, World War II Nazis, murder and passion, art and prejudice appear in this unique look at our legal history. Discover the back stories of landmark cases and enjoy the cross examination and trial skills of lawyers in top form. Each story is complete,
but together they reveal the power of the past.

The United States Constitution – Mini-Pocket Black Leather

This 192-page mini-pocket-sized edition contains the complete United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and every constitutional amendment to the present day. Also included is an impressive array of documents, revealing the ideas, aspirations, and differing views of the founding fathers. These documents include The Declaration of Independence, The Virginia Bill of Rights, Massachusetts Bill of Rights, Articles of Confederation, Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom, The Annapolis Convention, plans to create a new national government by Edmund Randolf, William Patterson and Alexander Hamilton, and The Great Compromise.

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