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The FTC Franchise Rule: Analysis and Commentary
Susan Grueneberg and Ann Hurwitz, Editors

Available at the end of May!

“The FTC Franchise Rule: Analysis and Commentary is an analytical tool and comprehensive, practical guide for franchise law practitioners, including “old hands” and those who are new to the practice of franchise law. It serves not only as an important resource for understanding the provisions of the Amended Rule, but also places the changes into perspective against previous federal, and current state, franchise regulation. It examines the changes to the Rule, gives reasons for some of the more important changes, and offers practical tips practitioners may use in understanding and applying the Amended Rule.”

Product Code: 5620125 Regular Price: $165.00 Section Member Price: $135.00 ©2008 7 x10 – Loose-leaf w/binder 372 pages
Antitrust Handbook for Franchise and Distribution Practitioners
Co-published by the Forum on Franchise and Section of Antitrust Law
“Organized by issue–pricing and advertising, customer and territorial restrictions, exclusive dealing, purchasing constraints, and joint franchisee action–to enhance its usefulness to practitioners, this book will prove an invaluable aid to practitioners advising clients on antitrust issues involved in franchising, whether they are selling through a business format or product distribution franchise.”

Product Code: 5030510 Regular Price: $169.00 Forum and Section Member Price: $139.00 ©2008 6 x 9 – Paper 250 pages

Franchise Desk Book: Selected State Laws, Commentary and Annotations, Second Edition
W. Michael Garner, Editor
“Franchise Desk Book is your primary reference to the text of generally applicable franchise registration, disclosure and relationship statutes and accompanying regulations. You’ll benefit from the expert commentary on franchise statutes and cases that provide you with a look “behind the scenes” with respect to the covered state’s laws. In addition, this manual includes annotations of reported and unreported cases that are arranged and keyed to topics that franchise lawyers need and can understand, such as franchise fees, exemptions from registration and more.”

Product Code: 5620123 Regular Price: $325.00 Section Member Price: $295.00 ©2008 7 x10 – Loose-leafe w/binder 2 volumes, 1,800 pages

Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook, Fourth Edition 2008
William F. Funk, Jeffrey S. Lubbers, Charles Pou, Jr., Editors

“Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook, Fourth Edition provides access to and explanations of the key procedural laws and presidential directives that apply across-the-board to federal agencies. It contains all the significant statutes, Executive Orders, memoranda, and other materials relating to the major aspects of administrative law and regulatory practice. In addition to the primary sources, this volume includes pertinent legislative history, bibliographies of related sources, and the editors’ insightful commentary on each of the source documents. It also includes the Attorney General’s Manual on the APA.”

“This new edition of the Sourcebook reflects dozens of statutory and regulatory changes since the first three editions were published and contains new chapters dealing with several statutes and other authorities that were not covered previously. These include the E-Government Act of 2002 and the Information Quality Act. This completely up-to-date resource also includes the important amendments to Executive Order 12,866 and the major December 2007 amendment to the Freedom of Information Act.”

2008 6 x 9 1,172 pages paper $79.95 Regular price
$49.95 Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice member price

e-Discovery: Current Trends and Cases
By Ralph C. Losey
“Written in a clear, engaging style, Ralph Losey blends discussion of electronic discovery practice, case law, and issues into a concise and useful work. A must-read for the attorney new to e-discovery seeking a trustworthy mentor as well as to the experienced practioner seeking to deepen their knowledge.”
–Jim Barrick, President & CEO, Control Discovery, Inc.

“From the basics of e-discovery, to chapters on metadata, ESI, ethical standards, and the new federal rules of civil procedure, readers of all levels of expertise will find useful information. It includes in-depth, authoritative legal analysis and practical advice, not only explaining the legal issues, but also the technologies behind the issues. It is also the first book on e-discovery to include the opinions and analysis of many leading experts in the field, not just those of the author.”

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