Recent ABA Publications

We have recently received information on the following recent American Bar Association Publications:

ABA Standards for Criminal Justice, Third Edition: DNA Evidence

“The ‘black letter’ Standards contained and discussed in this publication relate to collecting, preserving and use of DNA evidence, DNA testing, pretrial proceedings, trial, post-conviction, charging by DNA profile, and DNA databases. The ‘black letter’ Standards were approved by the American Bar Association’s policymaking House of Delegates in August 2006. The commentary was approved by the Criminal Justice Standards Committee in July 2007. Although this publication is part of the Third Edition of the Criminal Justice Standards, this is the first volume relating to DNA Evidence.”

Fifty Legal Careers for Non-Lawyers
By Ursula Furi-Perry
This thorough, easy-to-use handbook helps the reader select a law career best suited to one’s interests, training, and aptitude. Each of the fifty careers profiled in the book includes interviews with people currently in that job; sample responsibilities; typical education and skills necessary; and further resources to help find out more, and how to enter the field. This new book from the American Bar Association is an up-to-date resource and a “must-have” for anyone planning their future in law.

2008 600 pages 6 x 9 Paper Product Code: 1620305 ABA Member Price: $17.95 Regular Price: $19.95
Standards Development Patent Policy Manual
By Jorge L. Contreras This comprehensive set of annotated, policy-neutral language can be instantly accessed and utilized by standards development organizations (SDOs) who are developing new patent policies or those looking to refine or interpret existing policies. Authored by standards experts from across industry, academia and private practice, this book serves as an invaluable resource for SDOs, the lawyers who advise them and other participants involved in the process.

Intellectual Property Deskbook for the Business Lawyer
By The ABA Section of Business Law Committee on Intellectual Property and Sharon K. Sandeen This book provides you with a starting point for issue identification, perspective, and resources in dealing with intellectual property issues and assets, whether in the context of structuring and consummating transactions or in the day-to-day counseling of clients. The chapters provide an overview of the issues, identify traps for the unwary, suggest checklists and forms, and offer references to additional materials to guide deeper analysis and research.

Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Valuation: A Primer for Identifying and Determining Value
By Weston Anson and Donna Suchy This primer, written by experts in the area, answers some of the most frequently asked questions about identifying the value of the primary types of intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets. It also looks at the primary, traditional, and not-so-traditional methods of valuing these assets and includes case studies and situations where valuation is required.

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