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Witness Preparation for Deposition DVD and Witness Preparation for Trial DVD

By Jan M. Spaeth Ph.D.

“These DVDs provide real assistance to counsel in guiding witnesses through what can be a scary prospect. Not preachy or intimidating, these videos set just the right tone in providing guidance while inspiring confidence. After watching one of these programs, a witness should be much better prepared.”
–Philip R. Higdon, Esq., Perkins, Coie, Brown & Bain, P.A.

“Now, one of the nation’s leading authorities on jury research and witness preparation, nationally-recognized litigation consultant Jan Mills Spaeth, Ph.D., has created two essential DVDs to thoroughly instruct your witnesses in preparing for their upcoming depositions and testimony.

Your witness only needs to watch these DVD’s to be fully prepared for their trial or deposition! This 2-DVD set contains one 45 minute DVD focused exclusively on preparing the witness for a deposition, and another for preparing witnesses for trial. A take-home booklet will further reinforce the lessons learned.

Both feature sample questions, positive and negative responses–some filmed in an actual courtroom setting, and stress the essentials for a credible, convincing testimony. If you need to prepare witnesses for trial or deposition, this essential tool will save you time and money–and will help you make sure it’s done right!”

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©2008 – 2 DVD Set plus 2 booklets

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Foundations of Digital Evidence
By George L. Paul

“A watershed . . .” –from the Foreword by Judge John M. Facciola, U. S. Magistrate Judge for the District of Colombia

“Foundations of Digital Evidence provides you with a legal and practical approach to the new world of digital information. This book has been described as a ‘must have’ for both litigation lawyers, and for corporate counsel and records managers who want to understand how to appropriately handle the digital information of an enterprise.

The book provides an overview and history of digital evidence, as well as a thorough discussion of relevant issues, including:

How you can view and understand informational records, so that you can ask the right questions in search of the truth;

An understanding of how to ensure that any digital record is authentic, including a full explanation of how to authenticate digital evidence — or contest its admission as the case may be;

A discussion of the three principal foundations that determine whether a digital writing is authentic;

How to test whether digital information has changed through time;

A discussion of the various ways evidence of time appears in digital records;

An overview of identity issues – How do we know who is playing in our information systems? Is there a way to keep track? Who authored a digital record?

An understanding of hearsay rules and under what circumstances judges admit computer-generated information into evidence;

And much more! ”

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7 X 10, 450 Pages, Paperback Product Code: 5450053
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