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Posted January 27, 2009.

MacCarthy on Cross-Examination
Terence F. MacCarthy
Learn how to look good on cross, even when the witness is not cooperating. Terence MacCarthy is synonymous with effective cross-examination. For 40 years he has been the head of the Federal Defender’s Office in Chicago, and is among the top CLE instructors in the nation for his lectures on cross-examination technique.

Filled with illustrative cross-examinations from actual cases, this book is your key to employing these proven techniques in your own practice. Using the three themes that run through out the book–looking good, telling a story, and using short statements–you can take control of your cross-examinations and achieve the results you want. To improve and to change your thoughts on cross-examination, order your copy of MacCarthy on Cross-Examination today!

“MacCarthy’s system of cross will revolutionize trial lawyering and far surpass other efforts in refining cross-examination technique because it provides the philosophy behind as well as the system to implement his “Look Good” cross-examination technique. I only hope that my opposing counsel do not read (this book) and adopt Terry’s methods too.” John P. Buckley, Ungaretti & Harris
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Administrative Law of the European Union Six Volume Set
George A. Bermann, Charles H. Koch, Jr. and James T. O’Reilly, Editors

Administrative Law of the European Union is a practical resource on regulatory law intended for use by private practitioners, government lawyers, and academic lawyers in the United States. The book covers the foundational documents of the EU that originated with the European Coal and Steel Community (1951) and progressed to the Treaty of Lisbon (2007). Five aspects of EU government and law are covered in individually bound volumes:

Transparency and Data Protection
Judicial Review
Additional coverage of administrative processes for selected industries is included in the discussions of rulemaking and adjudication. A separately bound introduction will accompany the five volumes, to total six volumes for the complete set. Books can also be purchased individually as needed.

©2008 6 x 9 – Paperback Six volume set, Paperback in box Product Code:
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Garner on Language and Writing
By Bryan A. Garner
Foreword by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Bryan Garner has collected over a hundred of his finest essays on writing, language, and style in this substantial anthology. The book includes sections on legal language and lexicography, how to write successfully as a professional, and concludes with chapters on what he calls “bizarreries” –entertaining descriptions of puns, curiosities, vocabulary use, and other hilarious writing escapades. Finally, Garner includes several tributes to great stylists, and concludes with recommendations for making oneself a great writer, grammarian, and stylist.

Bryan A. Garner is the best-selling author of more than a dozen books. Chief among them are A Dictionary of Modern American Usage, Legal Writing in Plain English, The Winning Brief, The Elements of Legal Style, and many others.

©2008 – Hardcover, 6 x 9 876 pages
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A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO SOFTWARE LICENSING FOR LICENSEES AND LICENSORS: Model Forms and Annotations Included in Print and CD-ROM, Third Edition

By H. Ward Classen
This new third edition is revised and updated with three new chapters and numerous forms. A Practical Guide to Software Licensing for Licensees and Licensors examines the fundamental issues that both licensors and licensees confront in the negotiation of a software license and, where appropriate, looks at relevant ancillary issues such as software development as well as maintenance and support. It primarily focuses on non-mass market agreements, since most retail or mass market off-the-shelf software is governed by non-negotiable shrinkwrap and clickwrap licenses. Nonetheless, the principles of software licensing are the same for both shrink-wrapped, click wrapped, and custom-developed software. The book is accompanied by and cross-referenced to an annotated software license. A companion CD-ROM is also included for customization of the software license and related forms.

Written in practical, easily understandable language, this book is cross referenced to a model agreement. It is written from the perspective of both the licensor and the licensee and includes model forms with alternative clauses to fit many perspectives. The CD-ROM is a great companion filled with easy-to-use forms.

NEW in this edition are chapters on:
* Licensing Issues Arising from Alternative Delivery Models * When and Where Problems Arise * Representing the Global Entity * Plus – 10 new forms for a total of 45 forms, plus 2 exhibits

7 X 10, 950 Pages, Paperback Product Code: 5070607

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