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From the Section of Science and Technology Law:

Science for Lawyers Eric York Drogin, Editor

Science for Lawyers clearly explains and discusses 13 applied scientific disciplines in jargon-free language that is specifically geared toward lawyers. The book explores the definitions (what is science), the practice (what scientists do) and the professional roles (what ethical guidelines influence scientists) of 13 professional disciplines such as:

* Ballistics * Medicine * Physics * Statistics * Linguistics * Genetics * Chemistry * and more
The book is designed to reacquaint you in an accessible, highly readable fashion with the basic scientific issues you face in your practice every day. With dozens of photos, figures, graphics and artwork, the book covers these subjects in terms that are not only easy to understand, but fascinating to read. If you are a lawyer who is ever called upon to defend, proceed against, examine, cross-examine or even consult a scientist, this book is for you.

2008 7 x 10 347 pages paper $129.95 regular price $119.95 Section of Science & Technology Law member price
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From the ABA Senior Lawyers Section:

Residence Options for Older and Disabled Clients
By Lawrence A. Frolik

Recent census figures report that more than 35 million Americans are age 65 or older. Medical and scientific discoveries have prolonged life expectancy, and this, in turn, has led to needs that are specific to older persons and their caregivers. One of the most pressing of these is the need for appropriate housing. This book is a comprehensive guide to the many different types of housing available for aging and disabled individuals. It starts with the most independent type of living, proceeds through transitional forms of housing and ends with an in-depth discussion of medically assisted housing. With this book you will learn not only about the various types of housing but the pros and cons of each.

Topics include:
* Condominiums and Cooperatives * Planned Communities and Homeowner Associations * Continuing Care Retirement Communities * Assisted Living * Group Homes for the Disabled * Nursing Homes * Hospice Care
* And more
So whether you are a lawyer, a financial planner, a geriatric case manager or a caregiver, this book will expand your knowledge of the various types of housing and will offer assistance in selecting the most appropriate place for a specific individual.

2008 6 x 9 416 pages paperback $89.95 Regular price
$79.95 Senior Lawyers Division member price

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