Q & A: Preemploymenrt Background Checks in Courts


” I was curious about what courts are doing regarding preemployment background checks. Are courts systems obtaining fingerprints of new hires and running the background checks? For all jobs? We currently do it for judges and magistrates, but not routinely for court clerks or deputy clerk positions. Thanks.”


“The U.S. federal courts has recently instituted a comprehensive policy and set of procedures for employment background checks. We do checks on all new hires, including fingerprints. Positions of higher responsibility/sensitivity get full background checks (interviews with prior employers, etc.). I’m attaching the outline of Sec. 7 of our HR Manual, as well as the applicable part of the U.S. Guide to Judiciary Policies & Procedures (subch. 1700.1, ch. 10, vol. 1). …”


“South Dakota runs a background check (from fingerprints) for only court services officers (probation officers), computer staff, and any interns in those two areas of employment. This is by presiding judge rule in our state. We encourage all appointing authorities to make use of our own state court record database when making hiring decisions on all other employees.”

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