PC Devices Connected Using Light

Since the beginning of the last century when physicists determined that light could be considered as consisting of particles (photons) as well as waves, there have been efforts, with varying degrees of success, to use light to further the development of technology and communications. One of the latest attempts as reported by Judge Herbert Dixon Jr. in a recent e-mail involves fascinating research by Intel to develop a new optical interconnect using Light Peak optical technology to link mobile devices to displays and storage up to 100 meters away. The technology uses light to provide communication between data systems and devices associated with PCs at speeds up to 10 gigabits per second..

Judge Dixon reports that: Current cable technology uses electricity to transfer data which limits the speed and length of the transmission. Using Light Peak as the platform (containing a controller chip and an optical module), electricity is converted to light, increasing transmission length. Light Peak also retains the quality of high-definition video displays from transmissions over several meters. It can transfer full length Blu-Ray movies in less than 30 seconds, and runs multiple protocols simultaneously over a single cable..

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