News from American Libraries Direct, January 23, 3008

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LC Working Group issues final report on bibliographic futures

A Library of Congress task force has completed its mission to look at the future of cataloging and other forms of bibliographic control and recommend steps on how the library community can continue to provide effective access in a changing technological world. The LC Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control released On the Record (PDF file), its 44-page final report, January 9 after responding to suggestions from a wide range of organizations and individuals who read a draft version issued November 30….

Council adopts revised accreditation standards

ALA Council adopted a revision of the 1992 Standards for Accreditation of Master’s Programs in Library and Information Studies on January 15 at the Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. The revision places stronger emphasis on systematic planning, student learning outcomes, assessment, and diversity, tying the standards directly to ALA policies on diversity….

FBI whistleblower answers questions at Midwinter

Despite a warning from his superiors, FBI Special Agent Bassem Youssef answered questions at a January 12 session of the ALA Midwinter Meeting. In 2002, Youssef blew the whistle to Congress and the director of the FBI that discriminatory practices within the Bureau were undermining the effectiveness of America’s counterterrorism efforts. In this video (7:41), Youssef and his attorney Stephen M. Kohn discuss the case, talk about the abuse of National Security Letters following the passage of the Patriot Act, and speak of Abu Ghraib prison as an example of the U.S. failure to understand Middle Eastern culture. The ALA Washington Office has uploaded the complete session….

George W. Bush Presidential Library design contest

The Chronicle of Higher Education is looking for serious, humorous, or adventurous designs for the Bush Library, drawn as if you’d sat down next to the president and sketched out your idea on a scrap piece of White House stationery. All submissions should be on the back of a size-10 envelope. The winning designer will win a brand new iPod Touch. The deadline is February 1….
Chronicle of Higher Education

RFID in libraries: Best practices

The National Information Standards Organization has issued RFID in U.S. Libraries (PDF file), containing recommended practices for using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in library applications. The scope of the document is limited to item identification-that is, the implementation of RFID for books and other materials-and specifically excludes its use with regard to the identification of people….
National Information Standards Organization, Jan. 16

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