New Report from Women Legal Magazine: Professional Development Strategies for Women in the Modern Workplace

Women Legal Magazine’s new report Women in Business: Professional Development Strategies for Women in the Modern Workplace released in 2 weeks time is an unbiased look into strategies and techniques employed by successful women in today’s current workforce, the direct effects they have on their careers, and the impact they have on the organizations they work for.

Below is a brief overview of the report, and a full executive summary and table of contents is available on request.

Diversity and more specifically gender diversity, has direct benefits in a business context. Evidence is mounting to support this statement, and it has been acknowledged by many that women bring a distinct personality and motivational strength to the business environment and to leadership roles. A study by Catalyst reports that large corporations which boast higher numbers of female directors have stronger financial performance on average than those with fewer women on the board.

The first half of Women in Business covers topics including:
– The gender divide and gender leadership styles – statistics and observations – Approaches and strategies in bridging the gender diversity gap – Self Branding, the need and necessity in today’s current economic climate – Communication, assertiveness, and confidence and their impact on developing and retaining talented women – The importance of networking and business networks for career building – Negotiating and Politics in the workplace – Work-Life balance programs effect on productivity, creativity, retention, and job satisfaction – The benefits of mentoring or being mentored
The second part of this report features case studies and insight from a variety of organizations including:
– Minter Ellison Perth– Diversity in the Workplace Using Innovative Approaches – Inspirational Women – a candid interview with 9 women each from different industries and backgrounds – PKF Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers -Supporting Diversity in the Workplace – Women in Business Programs – Do They Work?
– Women in Business Survey results
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