New ABA Publication: Model Jury Instructions in Criminal Antitrust Cases

“This practical book provides guidance regarding jury instructions in criminal antitrust cases for juries sitting in judgment in antitrust trials of all types. The instructions in the book are presented in concise and readily understandable language and organized in the same order in which a court presiding over a criminal antitrust jury trial would likely give them. Thus, this book includes both general and antitrust specific instructions, instructions that are appropriate just prior to the admission of the evidence, and those for the close of the case. The book also includes explanatory commentary and references to supporting case law and model jury instructions in a variety of circuits.”

“Start-to-finish advice on model jury instructions in the complex area of criminal antitrust law!”

Product Details: 5030530 Regular Price: $159.00 AT Section Member Price: $129.00 ©2009 6 x 9 – paper 184 pages

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